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Recruiting for Resident Advisory Council Alternate Members

Ventura County Supervisor Zaragoza

Ventura County Supervisor Zaragoza

The Office of Ventura County Supervisor Zaragoza is accepting applications to serve as an alternate member on the El Rio Del Norte Municipal Advisory Council, also known informally as the El Rio MAC. El Rio MAC members serve as unpaid volunteers. The responsibilities of the El Rio MAC are to advise the Board of Supervisors and County agencies and officials on public safety, health, welfare and parks and recreation issues in El Rio, Nyeland Acres, the Strickland neighborhood and other County unincorporated areas near El Rio. The MAC meets on the third Thursday evening of each month (except August and December) with a prepared agenda of current issues important to the community. The community is encouraged to attend, ask questions and provide comments on items on the agenda. There is also time for local residents to ask questions or to provide their input on issues of concern not on the agenda. Occasionally, the MAC will conduct special meetings or events in cooperation with the Office of Supervisor Zaragoza.

The El Rio MAC, in existence since the 1970’s, has recently been revitalized under the leadership of Supervisor Zaragoza, with new MAC Chair Mike Barber providing guidance, inspiration and energy. Recent MAC meetings have included topics such as Boys and Girls Club after-school and summer youth programs, code compliance and street parking concerns, California Public Safety Realignment, and a County Parks Department summer youth activities program at the El Rio Roger Jones Center. Earlier this year, the MAC co-sponsored a highly successful forum on the Affordable Care Act and the California health insurance program known as Covered California. Additionally, the MAC also held a special meeting in Nyeland Acres in June, 2014, with Rio School District Superintendent John Puglisi making a presentation and answering questions about the School District owned Nyeland Acres site. This site currently is used for youth after-school and summer programs, as well as informally functioning as a community center and recreation area for families in Nyeland Acres.

The MAC is scheduled to hear a presentation from the County Transportation Department in October on a planned sidewalk and safety improvements for Santa Clara Avenue. Supervisor Zaragoza and Chair Barber have also begun preparing a calendar of important and interesting topics for 2015.

Candidates interested in serving on the MAC must be registered voters and be residents of El Rio, Nyeland Acres, the Strickland neighborhood or the Del Norte area. El Rio / Del Norte residents interested in applying to serve as an alternate member on the El Rio MAC are encouraged to contact Supervisor Zaragoza’s Chief of Staff, Stan Hakes at (805) 654- 2656 or by e mail at

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