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Rep. Bass Rips New Health Proposal

Rep. Karen Bass

Rep. Karen Bass

Washington, DC – Rep. Karen Bass (D-Calif.) issued the following statement in response to the House Republican plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

“46 days into Donald Trump’s presidency and seven years after the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, House Republicans have finally delivered their plan of attack: less coverage at a higher cost.

“The new health care plan will cause at least 11 million to lose their health coverage. Not only does it defund Planned Parenthood, end Medicaid expansion, and repeal subsidies for out-of-pocket expenses, it also comes complete with a roll back of taxes for the wealthiest among us. What’s most hypocritical about the whole process is that Republicans are rushing this bill out of committee without waiting for the Congressional Budget Office to give a final estimate of how much final passage will cost.

“The uninsured rate in the 37th district has gone from 22.1% to 12.7% since the Affordable Care Act was implemented. The priority of Congress should be to enhance the ACA and build on the progress of the last 7 years, not to destroy it.”

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