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Rev. Dr. David N. Moore Challenges White Churches to Push Down the Pillars of Christian West Supremacy

By Rev. Dr. David N. Moore and Gary L. HarbourOn July 29, 2017, Rev. Dr. David N. Moore held an author talk on his new book entitled Making America Great Again: Fairy Tale? Horror Story? Dream Come True? Rev. Moore, now internationally known author and college professor, came of age between Oxnard and Santa Barbara, CA. He shared excerpts from his new book (available on Amazon) challenging everyone to make America great again. Rev. Dr. Moore then dialoged with the audience and answered questions regarding his statements:
_ On July 28, President Trump addressed police officers in New York, encouraging police brutality. A country can legislate against such things, but we will never be able to enforce the security of citizens as long as white churches exist in their current state.
_ The success of the legal desegregation of schools is questionable, but at least it forced the hand of white supremacists to be creative when it came to their resistance to diversity.
_ Churches are a different story. Churches are free to remain segregated. As a historian of Christianity, I am certain that, while governments can take measures like desegregating some institutions, they cannot change private institutions. Just as Wall Street and Silicon Valley are still led by straight white males, so are white churches, and so they tastefully and with rectitude provide cover for territoriality. These churches normalize segregation, and will continue to do so until blind preachers develop the determination to push down the pillars of Christian West supremacy. They need to become prophets of economic justice, gender justice, and environmental justice. Until such a time, violence will always be the ultimate option for governance.
_ We need a country that values community above empire, and compassion instead of force. Church is supposed to model community and compassion for the rest of the world.

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