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Santa Barbara County Arts Commission Announces Community Arts Enrichment Grant Award Recipients

The Santa Barbara County Arts Commission recently announced the grant recipients of its Fall 2013 Community Arts Enrichment Grants cycle. On September 30th the Arts Commission received 18 grant applications for proposed projects throughout Santa Barbara County. The grants were reviewed by a panel made up of County Arts Commissioners from the 2nd, 4th and 5th Supervisorial Districts, a member of the Santa Barbara Bowl Foundation and Arts Commission staff. Fourteen grant applications were approved for funding in amounts ranging from $750 to $1,700. The $15,450 available this grant cycle is the result of a strategic partnership with the Santa Barbara Bowl Foundation, its Education Outreach Committee and the County Arts Commission. Funds come from an established Arts Subsidy fund that earmarks $.25 of every Bowl concert ticket sold going to support the program.

Community Arts Enrichment (CAE) Grants are intended to support artists and arts and cultural organizations by funding projects and a variety of activities that serve to enrich the lives of residents in Santa Barbara County.

Current CAE Grant funds will support a variety of new and innovative projects, joint and collaborative efforts that leverage community resources, and provide greater and more diverse participation in the arts countywide. Among the grant recipients are: Boxtales Theatre Company that will be providing multicultural performances to 1,200 students in the more remote rural communities of Guadalupe, Cuyama, and in Lompoc free of charge. UCSB Arts and Lectures’ VIVA el Arte! Program will be providing in-school assemblies, community workshops, lectures and demonstrations that engage over 14,000 low-income, Spanish-speaking youth and multi-generational families in the communities of Isla Vista, Guadalupe and Santa Barbara.

Sandy Stahl, Co-Chair of the Santa Barbara Bowl Education Committee shares the excitement and support of the Community Arts Enrichment Grant program saying “The SB Bowl has a long history of supporting youth in arts education and this partnership with Santa Barbara County Arts Commission helps to provide great experience throughout the County.”

Other CAE Grant funded programs will provide instruction in dance, music and performance for youth in and after school; those struggling with mental illness; and Arts Career guidance at a day-long conference for aspiring, and talented youth.

These are just a few of the community projects supported this grant cycle. Project grantees will be required to provide a final report at the end of each program to the Arts Commission outlining the impact of this funding on their community. The next Cultural Arts Enrichment Grant Cycle will take place in the Spring of 2014. Grant information is available online at

For information on the programs and resources of the Arts Commission visit

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