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Santa Paula volunteer cop suspended over video rant against cyclists

Laura Weintraub, a Santa Paula reserve police officer was suspended after she posted a video rant against cyclists on YouTube. The part-time volunteer drew the ire of local cyclists after she posted a video revealing her ‘hate’ for two-wheeled riders. She later apologized on Facebook.Weintraub filmed herself asking a man who was driving her around how much she’d have to pay for him to run over a cyclist.

“I hate bicyclists, every single one of them,” she said before mocking the clothes and demeanor of every single two-wheeled rider they passed.

The video finished with an image of a car plowing into several cyclists.

“Like you’ve never thought about it …,” the caption stated.

Cyclist “Shaioved” suggested that Weintraub should be placed on bicycle patrol.

At first, despite a wave of criticism, a spokesman stated that reserve officer Weintraub did some “great satire videos in her personal spare time.”

The clip was deleted from Weintraub’s YouTube channel Saturday morning.

“It was never meant to be hurtful or harmful in anyway. I am a human being. I made a mistake. I have learned from this and ask for your forgiveness,” she wrote.

Police Chief Steve McLean said he accepted Laura Weintraub’s resignation letter on Sunday.

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