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Six Tips for a Better Night’s Sleep

By Alana Shakur Sleep is essential for the body to function properly, as it helps cells to regenerate and gives the body the downtime it needs to keep the system in balance for another day. However, many people choose to live the “vamp” life, surfing the internet at late hours or ditching sleep to stay in the grind towards success.  But sacrificing sleep can take a negative toll on the body and mind overtime.  Use the following tips to get the shut eye you so deserve.

1. Wear an eye mask.
Eye masks can help to block out light or other distracting elements in an environment that disturb the ability to sleep.

2. Meditate before bed.
Meditation helps to quiet the mind and the chatter that collects there during the day.  This form of deep thought can be performed sitting or lying down.  By concentrating on the breath and focusing on emptying the mind, the body will soon follow into a state of relaxation allowing you to fall asleep with ease.

3. Silence phones and tablets.
Cell phones and smart tablets have bells, whistles and lights that can startle and keep the mind focused on social media and other happenings online that further deters sleep.  Silence these devices and place them face down to avoid this type of disturbance.

4. Take a warm shower or bath.
Taking a warm shower or bath helps to relax the body and loosen up tense muscles.

5. Drink chamomile or relaxing tea.
Drinking tea that is created from herbs that are known to calm and sooth is a great way to bring relaxation and tranquility to the mind and body.

6. Invest in a good mattress and pillows.
Having a good mattress to lay on and comfortable pillows to rest the head upon at night make all the difference when it comes to the quality of sleep you will receive at night.

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