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Sober Graduation: Keep Our Children Alive!

Assemblymember Das Williams

While teenagers make up just 6.9 percent of the total number of drivers in the United States, they account for 14 percent of all fatal vehicle-related injuries, according to Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety (AHAS). That is why it is so important to engage with teenagers graduating from high school this June about the need for a Sober Graduation.This year, the California Highway Patrol (CHP) and the California Chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) are once again joining forces with local law enforcement and members of the community in support of a statewide effort to save the lives of young people through a “sober graduation” program.

The program provides a blueprint for organizations and individuals to come together to safeguard children. Participants raise public awareness of alcohol-related deaths and injuries and organize alcohol- and drug-free graduation celebrations.

Since the sober graduation campaign was established in 1985, the number of young drivers involved in alcohol-related collisions during the month of June has declined dramatically.

For more information on how to participate or create a Sober Graduation Month event, please contact the Ventura County office at: 89 S. California Street, Ste F, in Ventura; or call (805) 641-3700.

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