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Spike Lee Announces Kickstarter Campaign

Spike Lee

Director Spike Lee has announced a Kickstarter campaign for his next directorial effort, a feature about “human beings who are addicted to blood.” (It’s not “Blacula,” Lee wrote on the Kickstarter page).

In the video accompanying the announcement, Lee cited the recent Kickstarter wins by “Veronica Mars” and Zach Braff as just some of the reasons why he came to the crowd-funding website for support. The director offered little other information about the project in the clip, but fans shouldn’t expect the plot to rely on superheroes, CGI or explosions.

In the video announcing the project, Lee elaborated on that point. “Filmmaking is what I do. Filmmaking is what I love. And you guys help me keep it going, because this is a motherf–king tough business,” he said. “I’m going to keep fighting the powers that be.”

The veteran director behind such films as “Do The Right Thing,” “Malcolm X,” “The 25th Hour,” “Inside Man” and more had initially teased that the announcement would come on July 15, but the official Kickstarter bow was delayed by one week. Lee didn’t specify what caused the false start.

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