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  By Gary L. Harbour What Would You Like for Your Local Politicians to Know? Dada Lopez, 37 Oxnard, CA “They need to be more business friendly in Oxnard. My business (Dada the Gentleman’s Barber), is a small business. Oxnard used to be known as a business friendly, now they’re making you jump through hoops to open a small business.”                     ...

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What Are You Carrying? – Inez Knows

By Inez Lanns I love purses and handbags just as many women do. They are quite stylish - they come in different sizes, in different colors, and more. There are purses for every occasion - some formal and classy, others cute and casual. And let’s not forget the price range of a handbag can vary from inexpensive and can get very pricey. I think I may love my purse more as a stylish accessory, and I often forg ...

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The People’s Throb

By Gary L. Harbour Now That The Ebola Virus is in the USA, How Do We Avoid Contracting It? Carmen Soria, 31 Oxnard CA “One of the most important steps, in my opinion would be to wash our hands constantly and be extra careful with what we eat. I also think it’s important to remind our children to do the same, and not touch anything that they don’t know what it is. So basically wash our hands constantly and b ...

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