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Talk Show Host to Present “Girl in the Mirror”

Tanya Washington, who produces the radio talk show “Can I Get a Witness?” on gospel station AM 1460 KTYM, will be hosting a conference at the Oxnard Elks Club on June 28 titled “Girl in the Mirror.”

By Tim Pompey

In a country and culture that overwhelms both adults and children with technology, the subject of rearing teenage girls to not only be respectful but positive about themselves is a hot topic. Internet apps, smart phones, social media, cable TV, and music all encourage young girls to be dissatisfied with themselves and their bodies. Such is the thrust of the subject matter being addressed by entrepreneur and Los Angeles talk show host Tanya Washington.

Washington, the former owner of the Express Mini Mart at Pleasant Valley and ‘C’ Street in south Oxnard, now produces her own radio program called “Can I Get a Witness?” on gospel station AM 1460 KTYM in Los Angeles. She left her business several years ago to pursue her passion which she described as “uplifting and inspiring young women.”

Having dealt with her own adversities, including teenage pregnancy, a suicide attempt as a young girl, and bullying, she now feels called to help others deal with their own struggles. Her radio show is designed to elicit listeners’ comments about their own adversity and triumph.

“On my show, I ask for peoples’ live testimonies,” said Washington. “I want to demonstrate that things can get better, your life can change around, and I ask for other folks’ testimonies  so that they can encourage other people in despair.”

Washington admits that she is controversial for being willing to take on tough subjects. “I’m bold about certain topics,” she asserted. “Things they won’t talk about in church, I ask those questions. I bring them out in topics over the air to get people thinking and to open their minds.”

Dealing with young women’s growth has been Washington’s lifelong interest born out of her own personal development. “As I became more whole,” she said, “by me being healed from all my past adversities, it proves that if I can do it they can do it too. I want women to have a better outlook on life when they’re dealing with their self esteem and to decrease the number of teen pregnancies in young people.”

Washington believes that a family’s access to technologies such as social media, TV, and music are splintering their relationships. She also believes that the pressures of work are distracting parents from their responsibilities at home. “I understand that parents have to work,” she said, “but some people are chasing after the dollar and the kids are raising themselves.”

The upcoming conference, titled “Girl in the Mirror,” is meant to draw together parents and daughters to offer support and encouragement to help children grow into healthy adults. Washington will discuss how parents can encourage the development of positive life-changing relationships during their daughters’ teen years.

She will also deal with the overwhelming influence of body images in today’s media market. “For teenage girls in particular,” Washington noted, “having to keep up looking at the Kim Kardashians of the world, you have to show your body and your body has to be perfect. I’d like to show these girls that no matter what size you are, God has made you in his likeness and you are perfect the way you are.”

Ultimately, Washington would like to encourage young women to be both positive and persistent. “I want to show young girls that no matter what life throws at you, you can rise above it, and that’s why I’m here—to encourage, uplift and inspire that by sharing my life’s testimony, which is that no matter how bad things get, they can turn around.”

The conference will include a lecture, snacks, entertainment, and a performance by a praise dancer. Raffled items will be given away by Avon, KO Gym, and Liberty Tax. There will also be a special presentation of the Voice in the Community Award to a local Ventura County resident.

The event will be held on June 28, from 12:00 to 2:00 p.m. at the Oxnard Elks Club, 801 South A Street, in downtown Oxnard. Tickets are $10. They can be purchased at the door or by calling either (805) 302-8221 or (805) 276-8103. Doors open at 11:30 a.m. and the first 50 guests will receive a free gift.

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