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Taxpayer Refund Rules Eased with Signing of BOE-Sponsored Legislation

George Runner

The California State Board of Equalization (BOE) is pleased to announce that the Governor has signed BOE-sponsored legislation that will reduce the likelihood that taxpayers will miss the deadline for reimbursement of bank charges resulting from a BOE collection or processing error. The law becomes effective January 1, 2014.

“Government should bear the cost of its mistakes, not impose them on innocent taxpayers,” said Board of Equalization Member George Runner. “This legislation gives taxpayers greater opportunity to seek reimbursement for bank charges that were really the government’s fault.”

Senate Bill 442 is part of the Board’s ongoing commitment to improve our taxpayers’ experience through better, more efficient customer service.

Current law only allows the BOE to issue reimbursement of these charges if the tax or feepayer requests them within 90 days of the BOE error that caused the taxpayer to incur bank charges. The new law will allow the taxpayer 90 days after the bank charges are incurred, to file a reimbursement claim. The new law provides taxpayers more opportunity to see the charges on their bank statements, and not miss the deadline to file a reimbursement claim. Under current law, the taxpayer must file their reimbursement claim within 90 days of the BOE’s erroneous action.

This new law will enable the BOE to fairly and equitably administer the law in the rare instances that the BOE makes an error in processing or collection.

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