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The 7 Destructive Habits of Unsuccessful People – Words to Live by

Dr. Lonnie G. McCowan, pastor of Miracle Center of Ventura

By Pastor Lonnie G. McCowan

WARNING! If you want to have a fantastic life, NEVER engage yourself in these 7 Destructive Habits.

HABIT #1- Unsuccessful People Think, Say, & Do Negative Things
Unsuccessful people continue to fail at everything they do because they see problems in every opportunity. They complain that the sun is too hot. They cursed the rain for ruining their plans for the day. They blame the wind for ruining their hair. They think that everyone is against them. They see the problems but never the solutions.

Every little bit of difficulty is exaggerated to the point of tragedy. They regard failures as catastrophes. They become discouraged easily instead of learning from their mistakes. They never seem to move forward because they’re always afraid to come out of their comfort zones.

HABIT #2- Unsuccessful People Act Before They Think
They move based on impulse. They desire immediate gratification in every situation. If they see something they like, they buy it without any second thought. Then they see something better and regret their impulsive purchases. They get into impulsive relationships that usually end in disaster. They don’t think about the future and they don’t think about the consequences.

HABIT #3- Unsuccessful People Talk Much More Than They Listen
They want to be the star of the show. They always engage in conversation and say things that will make them seem important, even to the point of lying. Oftentimes they are not aware that what they’re saying makes no sense. When other people advise them, they close their ears because they would rather die than admit their mistakes. In their mind they’re always right. They reject suggestions or help from others because it makes them feel inferior.

HABIT #4- Unsuccessful People Give Up Easily
Successful people treat failures as stepping stones to success. Those who seldom succeed usually call it quits upon recognizing the first signs of failure. At first, they are excited to start a new endeavor, but then they lose interest fairly quickly, especially when they encounter obstacles. Then they go and search for a new goal, business, career or relationship and get the same results. People who consistently fail don’t have the persistence to wok though their problems and obstacles to fulfill their dreams.

HABIT #5- Unsuccessful People Try To Bring Others Down To Their Level
Unsuccessful people envy other people who are successful. Instead of working hard to be like them, they spread rumors and try every dirty trick in the book to bring them down. They could have asked these successful people for help to succeed, but no, they’re too proud. They don’t want to ask for advice.  When they get good advice they won’t follow it.

HABIT #6- Unsuccessful People Waste Their Time
They don’t know what to do next. They often eat too much, drink too much, watch TV and sports for hours or worse, have no thoughts whatsoever about what direction their life is going. Most of their time is spent on instant gratification and they avoid thinking about and proving the quality of their life.

HABIT # 7- Unsuccessful People Take The Easy Way Out
If there are two roads to choose from, unsuccessful people will choose the wider road with less reward now than the narrower road with much greater reward in the future.

They avoid anything that may cause temporary hardship. They want an easy life. What these people don’t know is that what you reap is what you sow. Efforts and action will not go unnoticed. If only they would be willing to sacrifice a little, they would gain a lot more.

Successful people reach their goals, dreams and desires through trial and error. They never give up. They do what it takes to create what they desire.

What is the solution to these 7 Destructive Habits? That’s Easy!

Just do the reverse. Success is not difficult. All it takes to succeed is to discover what unsuccessful people do- and then just do the opposite. You are virtually guaranteed to succeed!

Lonnie G. McCowan is pastor at The Miracle Center of Ventura, in Ventura, CA. He can be contacted through email at or by visiting

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