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The Gideons International Distributes Bibles in Oxnard

(L-R) Oxnard Manor Distribution with Gary Harbour, Deacon James Clifton, Ms. Grace, Joan Nichols, Ed Nichols, Deacon L.T. Bradley and Deacon Arthur Dawson. (Photo Credit: Gary L. Harbour)

By Gary Harbour 

The Gideons International is a non-denominational group of Christian men that focus on Bible distribution worldwide. Gideons are considered an outreach ministry and are currently in 197 countries of the world, distributing millions of Bibles annually.

Deacon Arthur Dawson gave a speech at Ephraim & Manasseh Worship Center and extended an open invitation to the congregation for the opportunity to help distribute Gideons Bibles worldwide. (Photo Credit: Gary L. Harbour)

The Oxnard camp has been busy distributing Bibles in both Spanish and American languages. In the last several weeks, over 3,000 Bibles have been distributed to local schools. The wives of Gideons are called the Gideon Auxiliary. They distribute Bibles to hospitals, prisons, senior citizen homes and women’s shelters. Combined with last year’s distribution, over 4,000 Bibles have been distributed in the Oxnard area.

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