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The Journey of a Gay Minister’s Wife Told in New Book

When a loved one admits to their family that they are a homosexual, it can be surprising news, especially if it is from your minister husband of 32 years. This is the story of Martha Edens Clark and her first husband Maurice. To discuss how their lives changed and add a positive light on situations such as these comes her new book, “Coming Out Together: The Journey of a Gay Minister’s Wife Through Love, Divorce, and Remarriage” (published by AuthorHouse).

“Coming Out Together” is the story of Martha, who knew next to nothing about homosexuality, and Maurice, a young minister at the time, who suppressed his homosexuality for 55 years.  Martha writes about their friendship, love, marriage and eventual revelation of his homosexuality and their life afterwards.

The initial news was quite shocking for Martha. However, they faced it together, and became stronger because of it. “After Maurice told me he was homosexual, we took what many people said was the ‘common sense approach’ rather than the ‘emotional, angry approach,’” Martha explains. “We came out together.”

Martha portrays with love and acceptance the reality of life together for a straight woman and a gay husband, the necessity of a divorce, and the life afterward as they planned together how to meet their future needs. “Coming Out Together” also provides information about organizations and books that can be helpful to homosexual persons and their families.

About the Author
Author Martha Edens Clark is a journalism major who often said she would write a great novel, who instead has written about her first marriage and her experiences in learning to know about and live with someone who was born homosexual, determined to live a “normal life.” She has found her journalism major helpful as she has been the director or employee of health agencies at state, national and international levels.

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