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The People’s Throb

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Andrew Sims

By Gary L. Harbour

What Are Some Of The Fun Things You Do That Make You Happy?

Andrew Sims, 23
Oxnard, CA

“Earning my degree at Texas State University in Criminal Justice and having that great feeling that I’m closer to being very successful in life. Also, watching the NFL Network from all the 32 teams in the NFL and also watching NFL hard-knocks where it shows pre-season training camp from a documentary point of view.”

























Bridget S 150x150 The People’s Throb


Bridget “S”
Ventura, CA

“Spending time with my family and friends makes me happy.”














































































Andrew Acosta 150x150 The People’s Throb

Andrew Acosta

Andrew Acosta, 18
Oxnard, CA

“One thing that really makes me happy is spending time with my family.”























































































Roberto Gonzalez 150x150 The People’s Throb

Roberto Gonzalez

Roberto Gonzalez, 22
Oxnard, CA

“Soccer is my life and this sport is what makes me happy. I love this sport and it also keeps me in shape and trim.”























































































Patrick Harper 150x150 The People’s Throb

Patrick Harper

Patrick Harper, 57
Oxnard, CA

“Driving up the coast to Santa Barbara for dinner, drinks and the Farmer’s Market makes me very happy.”





























































Throb 4 150x150 The People’s Throb

Bryana Sims

Bryana Sims, 20
Oxnard, CA

“My top 3 would be helping others and making them smile, spending time with my family, also, spending time with my dog “Bella”. That is what makes me happy.”

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