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Greg Jordan 150x150 The People’s Throb

Greg Jordan

By Gary L. Harbour

In What Ways Do Fathers Help Determine How Their Children Turn Out?

Greg Jordan, 25
Port Hueneme, CA

“I think it all comes down to examples you set for your child. Also, I think involvement is key. If you don’t set a good example, your child will not know the difference to what is good and what is bad. If you are not involved in your child’s life, you cannot be there to provide proper guidance to your child when every day life situations come up. I am how I am today because of how my father and mother raised me. I follow their traits when it comes to common sense, good judgment, and mannerisms. I cannot thank them enough for their commitment in raising me to do good and make the right decisions in life.”

























Nash Gomez 150x150 The People’s Throb

Nash Gomez

Nash Gomez, 41
Oxnard, CA

“Fathers help by the way they guide and mold their children into respectful young people. Also, by showing them by example, by stepping up and leading a life in which their ways flow down to their children.”









































































Sylvia Aguilera 150x150 The People’s Throb

Sylvia Aguilera

Sylvia Aguilera, 36
Port Hueneme, CA

“They help you determine by seeing the way they work so hard for us. By providing you with everything you need to succeed in life and not killing yourself like they did and still do.”



















































































Issac Aguilera 150x150 The People’s Throb

Issac Aguilera

Issac Aguilera, 18
Port Hueneme, CA

“Well, fathers play a pivotal role in all our lives. They always tell us the truth even when it hurts, but they do it with love. Fathers are key figures. Unfortunately, not everyone grows up with a father. Those who have fathers love them. They are a blessing. They help determine what character their children will display, and show the world, while making fathers everywhere proud.”





















































































Odoemenem Chibuzor 150x150 The People’s Throb

Odoemenem Chibuzor

Odoemenem Chibuzor, 34
Oxnard, CA

“Fathers help children with inspiration, and also helping the kids grow up to become better in life. Fathers also help kids to have a better understanding with life expectations and the difficulties associated in growing up to become adults. Children turn out to be more mature and have better understanding when they are raised with both parents in their life.”

























































Andrea Violette 150x150 The People’s Throb

Andrea Violette

Andrea Violette, 24
Oxnard, CA

“A father plays a very important part in a child’s life. There is a certain love and sense of security that a child can feel with just a father as well as a mother. That is the one person you always look to for help. Seeing that your father will do anything to put a smile on your face and a roof over your head, that’s what helps a child grow into a great individual. Fathers do this by showing responsibility and love for his children.”

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