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Gabriel Camacho 150x150 The People’s Throb

Gabriel Camacho

By Gary L. Harbour

Good Health, Wealth, Strength, Intelligence…What Is the Key to a Long Life?

Gabriel Camacho, 21
Oxnard, CA

“My answer would have to be intelligence. This is because intelligence is the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills. It will ultimately help you live a long successful life. Things like good health, wealth, strength would be automatically included with being intelligent. Like Salvador Dali said, “Intelligence without ambition, is a bird without wings.”






















Tyson Hall 150x150 The People’s Throb

Tyson Hall

Tyson Hall, 21
Port Hueneme, CA

“Confidence is the key to a long life. That’s because if you ever fall on hard times you have the confidence to persevere and get through anything. Confidence makes for a long and healthy life.”

































































Kevin Shrope 150x150 The People’s Throb

Kevin Shrope

Kevin Shrope, 28
Oxnard, CA

“The key to a long life is to keep moving. Use your body every day in some way. Go to the gym; go for a walk, play golf, anything that gets you up and moving.”









































































Minda Petralba 150x150 The People’s Throb

Minda Petralba

Minda Petralba, 68
Oxnard, CA

“The key to a long life is good nutrition, and faith in God. My grandmother lived long time. She was a woman of great faith”











































































Jason Morris 150x150 The People’s Throb

Jason Morris

Jason Morris, 33
Oxnard, CA

“Pace yourself in every activity. Endure through adversity by being calm. Envision your future for what you want it to be.”















































Richard Craig 150x150 The People’s Throb

Richard Craig

Richard Craig, 21
Oxnard, CA

“I believe the key to a long life is happiness…If a person is happy I believe that a lot of other things will come along such as good health, money etc…The key to a long life is the actual desire to live your life to its maximum potential. If a person’s living a happy life, the desire to be healthy, rich, and being intelligent, will just come.”

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