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The People’s Throb

Trystal Walker

By Gary L. Harbour

An Eye For An Eye, A Tooth For a Tooth. How Do You View the Death Penalty?

Trystal Walker, 56
Thousand Oaks, CA

“I think that this saying means we’ll all become blind if we do evil for evil. I do not believe in the death penalty. There are some poor people that can’t afford high price attorneys, or afford legal defense to get out of trouble. This system is unfair to people who can’t afford a defense. Our system tries to be fair, but America is falling so short of justice for all. It is justice for the rich. So, no death penalty.”





















Mike Hanlon Jr.

Mike Hanlon Jr., 29
Simi Valley, CA

“My view on the death penalty is if you kill someone you should get the death penalty. But, only if it has to fall under the pre-meditated murder clause. If you asked me this question ten years ago, I would have a different overview.”


















































Julie Simmons

Julie Simmons, 50
Oxnard, CA

“My view is that law enforcement can kill people, and don’t get charged. Although if someone harmed one of my family members and I killed them, I would get the death penalty. So, that is justice.”






















































Andria Kim

Andria Kim, 25
Moorpark, CA

“I do not believe in the death penalty. Punishing convicted individuals with death cannot be justified, regardless of the alleged crime.”






















































Teri County

Teri County, 54
Oxnard, CA

“An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, speaks for itself! Especially, when giving the death penalty.”




























Angel Garcia

Angel Garcia, 26
Oxnard, CA

“My views on the death penalty is of course it’s only right for law enforcement to decide who deserves to be put to judgment, when they are not always serving justice to those who truly deserve death. Rapist, murderers, pedophiles still walk freely. So, why is it wrong for civilians to handle what the law doesn’t see, if it’s right?”

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