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Alyssa B 150x150 The People’s Throb

Alyssa B.

By Gary L. Harbour

Texting & Telephoning While Driving, Children Spending Hours Playing Video Games, Is Technology Taking Over Our Lives?

Alyssa B., 30’s
Ventura, CA

“I can’t tell you how many near misses I have had from people on their phones, in their cars. My son is allowed games once a week, on my cell for 10 minutes, that’s it. He has a room of games (board), paints, a telescope, etc. I want him to know what’s around him and have his mind expanded. I firmly believe technology is taking over. I went to a BBQ and everyone was on their cell, on FB and whatever else. It was all rude and boring. I went to visit and instead everyone went to post who knows what. There is no face to face anymore, and it’s sad. : (”





















Kearn Sylvester Jr 150x150 The People’s Throb

Kearn Sylvester Jr.

Kearn Sylvester Jr., 36
Woodland Hills, CA

“We are allowing technology to take over our lives. We have become a microwave society because we want things to happen, or occur right away. The government is creating new technologies that entice us and makes us want to get the latest in everything. Yet, everyday lives are being taken because we are engulfed in technology. Not paying attention to the road, not having in-person conversations, we have lost the way of simple communication. All of the smart phones serve to dumb society down. Most people would rather text than talk, email versus speaking. Pretty soon robots will only exist, not humans.”







































Mack Boon 150x150 The People’s Throb

Mack Boon

Mack Boon, 43
Oxnard, CA

“Why are we as parents allowing technology to make us useless? Diminishing our thinking capacity. It has taken over our lives and like any addiction; we will kick and scream if someone take it away. Not so much of an answer, just an opinion.”







































Linda 150x150 The People’s Throb


Linda, 63
Oxnard, CA

“Talking on the phone and texting while driving is stupid. Excessive use of miraculous life changing technology can make us more disconnected from each other and dulls our common sense, and desensitizes us to each others humanity.”









































Michelle Jordan 150x150 The People’s Throb

Michelle Jordan

Michelle Jordan, 44
Oxnard, CA

“Yes, technology has taken over our lives. There has become a sense of urgency causing us to text and telephone while driving. We have disregarded our own safety and the safety of others. I just read the other day that someone was posting on Facebook while driving. I said to myself. “No one is that selfish.” Most of all what about the passengers? Why couldn’t this wait? I was rear-ended a couple of years ago because someone was texting. What has happened to paying attention while you drive?















Kyla Valverde 150x150 The People’s Throb

Kyla Valverde

Kyla Valverde, 28
Santa Paula, CA

“I believe technology has taken much of our communication interaction. No longer are we able to speak comfortably with one another. We lose touch with one another. It can take our time and consume all of our energy for example. I have seen social media ruin relationships. We become so involved and lose sight to what is important. We need to be careful and take time to talk to others face to face. You can tell a lot more from a person in front of you with their body language than a text from a friend.”

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