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The People’s Throb

Camilo Stinson

By Gary L. Harbour

“L.A. Clippers” Franchise Owner Donald Sterling was sued by the Justice Department in 2009 for $2.73 Million for racism against African-Americans & Hispanic-Americans in his rental practices. Now, according to news reports, Sterling has made racist remarks and chastised his girlfriend (who is bi-racial), for posting pictures with Hall of Famer Ervin “Magic” Johnson and other minorities on “Instagram,” asking her not to bring them to L.A. Clippers basketball games. Do you agree with NBA Commissioner Adam Silver’s, ruling? Should Donald Sterling be barred from the NBA for his racist and offensive comments?

Camilo Stinson, 30
Oxnard, CA

“A vast majority of higher ranking powerful people in the business world are of African-American, Hispanic, Latino or Asian descent. A man owning a professional franchise has to be smarter regardless of his beliefs. Probably eighty to ninety percent of his team is minority. He is a confused, rich bigot, who has clearly refused to adapt and become a part of the world we live in. He should not be a team owner and should be banned from any NBA games. His only saving grace would be to step down from ownership.”

























Robert Nichols

Robert Nichols, 44
Oxnard, CA

“No! In any business that a person has, I am sure they know how they hire. He built his empire. We are all racist to an extent.”






































































































Christopher Spivey

Christopher Spivey, 27
Oxnard, CA

“I personally think that Donald Sterling should be barred for his comments. Not only from the N.B.A., but also from any organization that deals with him! It is shown from his actions, not only recent but prior years, that he is biased, not only against African Americans, but minorities in general.”




















































Samuel Frias Jr.

Samuel Frias Jr., 30
Oxnard, CA

“I think he should be fined and hit where it matters. His bank account is what really fuels his team and life. I think he messed up, saying what he said because a lot of Blacks and Mexicans are gonna’ boycott his team. He better hope that this incident doesn’t get too big. He might lose his franchise, literally.”





























































































Jonathan Davis

Jonathan Davis, 30
Oxnard, CA

“If the tape recording is found to be authentic, I strongly feel Mr. Sterling should not be afforded the privilege of owning a N.B.A. franchise, and profiting from African-American players, coaches, and fans. I am currently a Clippers fan and was disgusted as a fan, and an African-American male. I am putting my support, as a fan of the Clippers on hold, until I learn the outcome and consequences of his remarks and views of Blacks and other minorities.”













































































Joseph Platt

Joseph Platt, 28
Los Angeles, CA

“Well, at first I was in support of Mr. Sterling stating what he believed. Then I realized that what he believes was completely bigoted and racist. Now I’m still not in disagreement with him, because I think that you should be able to voice how you feel without being hindered by the status-quo, or what is politically correct. I just don’t believe he should be an executive of an organization that is fueled by the efforts of those in which he despises, or feels superior to.”

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