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The People’s Throb

Marcus Bagley

By Gary L. Harbour

Poor Education, Pajamas in Public, Cheap Food, Tiny Cars, Bicycles Everywhere, Is America Becoming A Third World Country?

Marcus Bagley, 30
Simi Valley, CA

“I would say “No”. It’s definitely important to dress to impress in certain situations, but there is nothing wrong with being comfortable. Same goes for cars. If some want a more economical vehicle that should be their choice as it’s actually smarter to do. Education should be evaluated by every school. We should be in a day and age where our programs should be close in alignment. I think our country is just in a state of being comfortable and not going beyond our means.”

























George Elzie

George Elzie, 50
Oxnard, CA

“No, it isn’t. I believe perception to some of the issues in the question tend to sway individual answers, but personally, in many ways America is just now catching up to much of the world. Western civilization that began in Europe has been driving compact vehicles and riding bicycles as alternative transportation for decades. Air pollution and congested roadways are near non-existent there. I won’t view the pajamas in public as third world criteria but I do consider it as inappropriate attire in public.”


























































































Lamar Ludy

Lamar Ludy, 30
Oxnard, CA

“In many respects, yes. Our teachers are often overwhelmed with too many students and not enough resources. Our youth dress oftentimes in ways once deemed inappropriate. Our food is pumped full of steroids and antibiotics. I don’t mind tiny cars if they are environmentally efficient, or people riding bicycles, as I enjoy and wish I could ride mine more often. Will America truly lose its place as a world power? Only time will tell.”



































































































Maurice Williams

Maurice Williams, 63
Moorpark, CA

“I think the shrinking of the middle class contributes significantly to this issue. As America becomes more defined as a ‘have and have not’s’ society, we likely will be even more impacted.”




















































































Zoila Ceniseroz

Zoila Ceniseroz, 28
Oxnard, CA

“I don’t think we are becoming a “Third world country”, but it is always important to evaluate social trends and know that we have the power to make a change.”





































































Andre B. Spence

Andre B. Spence, 28
Oxnard, CA

“Besides poor education, all of these other traits are that of a utopian society. Being able to wear what you please, having access to nourishment at great low rates and people becoming aware of the state of the environment so low emission vehicles and bicycles are more widely used. It may be a different perspective that that of the question’s connotation, but who can argue with these positive things when the mindset of society, for whatever reason, increases the quality of life? I do believe the mindset of America is headed in a better direction in regards to education. I still wouldn’t classify the mindset as a third world one. But, we are gaining momentum from the “2008 crash of the market.” So the best is yet to come, especially if society’s mindset is positive and united.”

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