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Three Words That Will Change Your Life… Do it Now! – Words to Live by

Dr. Lonnie G. McCowan

By Pastor Lonnie G. McCowan

Procrastination has a high cost. For instance, according to one study by H&R Block, Americans pay an average of $400 a year more because we put off doing our taxes and then, we rush at the last minute and make mistakes that cost us more money.

And the cost of procrastination in life can be significantly higher. In life, procrastination isn’t measured in dollars all the time; it is measured in dreams never birth, people with needs going unmet, goals never reached and a life wasted.

The Bible says, “Remember, it’s a sin to know what you ought to do and then not to do it.” (James 4:17 NLT) When God calls you to do something, but you don’t do it, it’s not just a bad strategy or a missed blessing. It is sin.

Proverbs 21:1 says, “Don’t brag about tomorrow, since you don’t know what the day will bring.” (NLT) None of us is guaranteed a tomorrow. You may not have the opportunity to do what God has called you to do tomorrow. You could be saying you’ll do it someday. That someday is today! One of these days is none of these days. Do it today. Start right now!

I talk to people all the time who say they’re planning to do something in life. And I always want to ask, “When are you going to pull the trigger?” They’ve been taking aim for years; yet, they never seem to get around to pulling the trigger.

Don’t be like that. You need to pull the trigger. These three words could change your life forever: DO IT NOW!

Spend a few minutes RIGHT NOW and write down one thing you know God wants you to do in your life. Whatever it is, write it down and then put that note in a place where you can’t miss it — like on your bathroom mirror or on the refrigerator.

But don’t just write it down. Don’t just read it on your refrigerator. Do it — now! Every time you catch yourself saying you’ll do it later, it should be a warning light that says you’re procrastinating. There’s no better time than now. This is the moment of truth. There’s got to be a time in your life when you stop intending and start acting. Stop making excuses.

NASA says that getting the rocket off the launch pad requires the most amount of energy. Once the rocket is in orbit, it takes a lot less energy to keep moving forward. That’s why you need to get started now. The initial thrust will start you moving forward. The key is to stay motivated in life; here are three ways you can keep yourself motivated.

  1. Avoid places or situations that might cause you to get sidetracked
  2. Take advantage of your peak energy times
    Some of you are morning people. Some of you are night people. We all have certain points during the day when we are more effective, have more energy, and are more alert. You need to know when your body clock is geared toward maximum performance. You never want to waste maximum performance on secondary tasks. If your peak time is 10 to 12 in the morning, don’t go through your e-mail then. Save those kinds of tasks for your not-so-peak times of the day.
  3. Use the stimulation of good news to do extra work
    I do this all the time. Whenever I hear good news, it’s like God gives me a shot of adrenaline. All of a sudden, I’ve got a little extra bounce in my step. I try to channel that into ministry.
  4. Recognize when indecision is causing inertia

Procrastination is really indecision. For us pastors this is a big problem. Every week, we have to figure out what we’re going to preach on next. Some pastors spend two or three days worrying about that. I like preaching a series. I only have to make that decision six or seven times a year!. Try to shorten the time you spend making decisions. Make a decision and go for it.

Lonnie G. McCowan is pastor at The Miracle Center of Ventura, in Ventura, CA. He can be contacted through email at or by

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