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Top 500 Sales and Use Tax Delinquencies in California

The California State Board of Equalization (BOE) today updated its online list of the Top 500 sales and use tax delinquencies, which total $491.2 million in taxes through the second quarter of 2014. Also, an interactive map displays location, account name, and amount owed by delinquent taxpayers.

Legislation enacted in 2011 (AB 1424, Perea) expanded the former Top 250 list to 500 and also required the BOE to provide confidential information to participating state agencies that oversee taxpayers’ occupational, professional, and driver licenses. In addition, it provided for delinquent taxpayers to be precluded from contracting with the state.

Since the inception of this program in 2007, the BOE has received $11.04 million from 134 qualifying taxpayers who came forward to pay their debts; 111 are making installment payments and 23 have paid their debt in full.

California law requires the BOE to post this information every quarter and to remove amounts that are being addressed through payment arrangement, bankruptcy, litigation, or appeal. Taxpayers are notified 30 days before their information is posted, allowing them time to pay.

Of the total $491.2 million owed on the latest list, $99.2 million are jointly owed liabilities. This means individuals associated with a corporation, partnership, limited partnership, limited liability partnership, or limited liability company might be personally responsible for delinquent taxes.

The following 77 taxpayers were added to this quarter’s list, and owe a combined $45 million.

BOE’s list of the state’s Top 500 sales and use tax delinquencies is updated quarterly at Taxpayers on the Top 500 list may contact the BOE at 1-916-323-8624 to resolve their accounts and make payment agreements.

Taxpayers will have their names removed from this list if they pay the tax liability in full, enter into and comply with an installment agreement, or resolve the tax liability.

The Franchise Tax Board’s Top 500 list is published biannually on FTB’s website

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