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Inez Lanns

Inez Lanns

By Inez Lanns

Lately I have been hearing the word unity and the messages of support all around me.  It is unfortunate that it often takes a negative event, or series of them, to cause people to start rallying for unity and support.  When this does happen, however the circumstances come about, eyes are opened and action can be taken.  As individuals we can accomplish some things, but a group can accomplish more work faster.   The truth is we are a stronger force when we are united.

When it comes to unity are you trying to jump on the bandwagon?  Or do you really participate in the movement?  Do you want it but are unsure how to be a part of it?  Unity means the state of being one; oneness; absence of diversity; unvaried or uniform character; oneness of mind feeling, etc., as among a number of persons, concord, harmony or agreement (  How can we unite when we are all so different?  Although we are unique, we have some things that bring us together and connect us.  It could be children, a love for sports, working in the same workplace, having similar likes and interests, knowing some of the same people, shopping in the same places or eating at the same restaurants, and the list goes on. If nothing else, we all would like to feel safe, be at peace and desire opportunities to prosper.  If we would communicate with each other – not just talk, but also listen – we would find that we are more alike than different.

As for support…many of us have projects that we work on or things that we are passionate about, but I have found that so many people desire support but do not desire or know how to give support.  When we support each other, that does not mean you’re coming out to help me with what I am doing, but I don’t ever support what is a priority in your life.  Support can come in many different forms.  It could be your physical presence and attendance.   If you cannot be there, it can also possibly be financial support.  And if you cannot do either of those, sharing the event or project can be a big source of support.  Sometimes that kind of support can be worth more than the first two examples.  However, if you can do all 3 things that is a display of optimal support that would greatly benefit the receiving party.

We don’t have to go out and do something major and public in order to unite.

We don’t have to be at every event or meeting to show support.  We can begin with the little things.  We can make a decision and choose to stand together.  We can humble ourselves and realize if nothing else,  we all live here.  We can stand firm in the idea that this is our community, and every single person that lives here is a part of it and contributes something.  We can decide to respect each other.  We can show support by lifting up what our neighbor is doing instead of criticizing what they are doing and sowing toxic seeds by talking bad about it to everyone else.   We can start by hoping the other person does well, just as we would want people to wish us well on our endeavors.  Start with the little things, and they will grow into bigger things.  If we can unite and support one another in our community – our families, our schools, our businesses  –  all will benefit from it.

Inez Lanns was born and raised in Ventura County.  She currently owns an Internet Marketing & Communications business called Inez Knows.  She also writes on her blog on her web site:

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