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Ventura County Credit Union holds Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and dedicates branch to Albert Duff, Sr.

Albert Duff, Sr., cuts ribbon at bank’s grand opening ceremony with Ventura County Credit Union President, Chairman and CEO, Joe Schroeder. (Photo Credit: Robert Jeffreys)

This champagne festive event was celebrated with Ventura County Credit Union (VCCU), Chairman, President and CEO, Joe Schroeder, cutting the ribbon with bank executives, representatives from Port Hueneme, Oxnard and other branches throughout Ventura County. Directly following was a ceremony dedicating the newly opened branch, located at 687 W. Channel Islands Blvd., in Port Hueneme to Mr. Albert Duff, Sr.

“It was a really easy decision to dedicate a branch after Al Duff, Sr.,” said Joe Schroeder, President and CEO of Ventura County Credit Union. “Al has been volunteering for the board of directors for 50 years. That is the longest that we have ever had anybody sit on our board of directors. He is such a great man; he gives back to the community and has a fabulous heart.”

Duff received many accolades from citizens in the community. “I was on the board for 33 years. I worked with Al for most of those years. Al is a great board member and we appreciate him. He’s great in the community. He is going to retire this year but this is a fitting honor for a person that has been on the board for so long,” said Robert Jeffreys.

One of the greatest praises came from Duff’s son, Al Duff, Jr. “Wow, what makes him so special? Well, first of all he’s my dad. That’s why I love him. He’s tremendous and I appreciate all the effort that he’s done. Over the years I’ve watched and supported many of his efforts. He likes to get involved in whatever he’s doing and does it to the fullest.”

Duff, Jr. continued, “He has 50 years plus of dedicated service and was able to get on the board. He has a heart for helping people and creating unity in that kind of environment. I think those are some of his greatest qualities of Al Duff, Sr. I really admire this accomplishment and the acknowledgement is even more so appreciated. Thank you Ventura County Credit Union. We all love Al Duff, Sr.”

About VCCU:
VCCU is the largest credit union headquartered in the county, with nearly 59,000 members and $670 million in total assets. It offers loans, federally insured savings and 24- hour electronic access services.
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