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What Not To Do When Selling Your Home

Estate--sell2By Jaymi Naciri

Unless you’ve never bought or sold a house before and have never looked at home listings or watched a single show about real estate (which is pretty hard these days), you have some semblance of an idea of how your home should look when you go to sell it. You probably also have a clue about how best to show off that home in photos (or, at least, you know the importance of showing off that home in photos), even if you personally lack the skill to take them yourself.

But what happens when you ignore the rules? Does a hot market render them irrelevant? Is it OK to list a home for top dollar when the condition is more fixer-upper?

The truth is that if you want good money for your home, you have to do a little work to get it “show ready.” Buyers expect to be able to walk in to a clean, decluttered home – at the very least. If it’s not updated, it better at least look like it’s move-in ready.

1. Don’t take your own photos
Photos that were not professionally done stick out like, well, photos that weren’t professionally done. If you absolutely insist on taking your own photos, at least consult some basic rules.

2. Address your kitchen
Don’t want to make any upgrades to your kitchen before you get the home on the market? That’ll cost you (literally). Even painting out those cabinets, a cheap and easy fix, would make a huge difference. But, if you’re not going to make changes to improve this key area, at least make the most basic effort to show it in its best light by removing as much clutter as you can. There’s no reason that stuff can’t be put away for photos, and for showings. Basic staging rule #1.

3. Always keep your selling points in mind
People like bedrooms – clean and tidy bedrooms that they can imagine their children sleeping and playing in.

4. Focus!
Maybe check the photo to make sure nothing is blurry before posting it? Just a suggestion.

5. Emphasize outdoor space
It goes without saying that showing off your outdoor space is important. An unkempt backyard will only make a potential buyer wonder what else needs attention, especially if they’ve seen some questionable spaces indoors.

6. Keep people out of your photos
If you only have one photo of the yard or if the best of the bunch has a person in the frame, there’s still one thing you can do: Learn how to use the camera’s crop feature.

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