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Williams Helps Save Isla Vista Properties

Assemblyman Das Williams

Assemblymember Das Williams is celebrating the state Department of Finance’s decision to let Santa Barbara County retain three former Redevelopment Agency properties in Isla Vista.
The Department of Finance approved the Successor Agency (County of Santa Barbara) and Oversight Board’s Long Range Property Management Plan, which allows the buildings to be retained by the County of Santa Barbara.

“I spent part of my youth in Isla Vista, so saving these buildings was of extreme importance to me,” Williams, D-Santa Barbara said. “These properties belong in the hands of the County, and most importantly, the community members who use them. We can now work together to decide how these buildings work best for the community.”

Williams’ staff worked successfully to bring together stakeholders to strengthen the plan presented to the state Department of Finance, which has approval authority. The three properties, known as the Church Building (976 Embarcadero del Mar), Clinic Building (970 Embarcadero del Mar), and Solar Car Park (881 Embarcadero del Mar) will remain under local control. The adjacent parcels of the Church and Clinic Buildings have long been discussed by the community as the possible future site of an Isla Vista Community Center.

“When people work together and do what’s right for the community, anything is possible,” Williams said. “I am proud of my constituents and members of local and state government who understood the importance of saving these buildings for the public good.”

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