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Woodcraft Rangers Nvision Programs Gear up with STEM Infused Activities

Woodcraft Rangers Robotics Club

Woodcraft Rangers Robotics Club

School is in session. Grab your pencils, notebooks, backpacks, and registration forms for Woodcraft Rangers as their Nvision programs across the Los Angeles area get ready for a prolific year full of academics, youth engagement, and incredible events. With over 60 schools in greater Los Angeles area serving grades K-12 (5yrs – 18yrs), Woodcraft Rangers Nvision programs are committed to guiding the youth to become leaders, creative innovators, and true lifelong learners.

There is a high demand for expanded learning and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) curriculums and Nvision Programs custom-fit the academic needs, interest, and social culture for the students enrolled in the schools they serve. In many ways the activities allow the youth to focus on interaction, exploration, and fun as they further their knowledge at the same time.

Ranging from video production, to soccer, to dance, to robotics, Woodcraft Rangers develops all its activities to be infused with STEM. Whether it be students playing basketball, skateboarding, or graffiti art their staff is always focused on instilling STEM concepts into the activities.

CEO Chris Johnson says, “Woodcraft Rangers’ Nvision Programs inspire the youth to open their eyes and view their school work as it illuminates itself and their interests. With a myriad of enrichment activities we are committed to building on the school days through youth interest.”

For further information contact, (213) 249-9293 To learn more about Woodcraft Rangers go to

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