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Writer, Speaker, Health and Fitness Expert Shares Her Journey Through Europe

Linda Mundell

Linda Mundell

Linda Mundell is a writer, speaker and health and fitness expert. A certified fitness instructor since 1993, with a bachelor’s degree from The Ohio State University, she taught and managed Jazzercise classes for more than 20 years in Central Ohio and most recently Culver City. Currently employed by the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, Mundell is a college representative for the Ventura, Oxnard and Ojai area. She brings a passion for fashion and fitness together in her customized wellness presentations and program called Wellness-Seekers.

“In the year 2000, I developed Wellness-Seekers as a part of a graduate course in holistic wellness. Drawing upon my 20 years of experience in fields of fitness, life skills training, and drug abuse prevention, I designed Wellness-Seekers to facilitate individuals in achieving and living their best life through balanced healthy lifestyle choices.”

Mundell recently traveled to Europe on the Royal Caribbean Scandinavia and Russia Cruise that included stops in Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, Russia, and Finland, during part of a spring conference held by her employer.

“My favorite country was Estonia and the port city of Tallinn,” said Mundell. “The vibe there was awesome with modern restaurants, hotels, and clubs adjacent to the medieval castles of the old town. The people were friendly, the currency was euros. It was very easy to navigate there as a tourist/visitor.”

She attended the cruise with 44 employees. “My ship roommate and I even won an upgrade to a large balcony room with a full bathroom with a tub and double sinks,” said Mundell. “More time in each port obviously would have been nice, but having the same room on the cruise ship made going from place to place easy and not stressful. A few of my travelling mates did just that; they extended the trip an extra week to have longer time to visit and vacation!”

Linda is planning for her next trip to Spain and Morocco and can’t wait to immerse herself in the culture. We hope you have another fantastic time!

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