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Place a Classified in Tri-County Sentry

Committee Member Tim Flynn. (Photo by Chris Frost)
Thursday, April 2, 2020

By Chris Frost


Oxnard-- The Public Works and Transportation Committee approved and awarded Trade Services Agreement A-8208 to Natural Green Landscape, Inc. for Landscape Maintenance Services at various city facilities on March 24.


The city had a contract with Groundskeeper Incorporated that expired in Nov. 2018, and the city currently uses City Corps for services at the locations.


The Purchasing Department got three bids in Dec., and Natural Green Landscape was the lowest responsible bid.


Assistant Public Works Director Brian Yanez presented the item and said the deal would cost $356,112 over three years.


The city placed the item out for bid in Nov. 2019 for 12 city locations, including the water blending stations and two locations for environmental resources, the Oxnard Police Department Sturgis Annex, the water campus, plus a vacant lot adjacent to the water campus.


"There is also the Oxnard Transit Center, another water blending station, the water treatment plant, the advanced water treatment facility, and another water blending station," he said. "Funds for this fiscal year is approximately $31,000, and the remaining balance will be requested in each requested fund."


Committee Member Tim Flynn commented that City Corps provided the service in the interim, and he wanted to know if they can do it for less money than Natural Green Landscape.


"At the moment, City Corps is providing the bare essentials and making sure the grounds look respectable," Yanez said. "We prefer that we have a landscape contractor provide these services. I thank City Corps for stepping in and assisting, but they wouldn't be the appropriate entity to provide these services."


Flynn also wanted to know how many landscape contractors the city currently has.


"Off the top of my head, I know we have on in the special district, which is Garcia, which is also doing Riverpark," Yanez said. 


Flynn wanted to know if there is a landscape company that can provide all the bid out services in the city.


"In some instances, we changed some of these landscape services because they haven't performed adequately," he said. "I see the advantage of having multiple landscape companies providing services so we can compare, contrast, and have a little more flexibility."


Yanez said the city has a prequalification for landscape services,   


Flynn wanted to know if there was a landscape service big enough to provide all the services in the city and save money.


"We have not compiled one city-wide contract, but it’s something we can look at in the future, as we bid out for landscape services," Yanez said.


Chairman Bert Perello said that sometimes it better to have multiple companies.


"I appreciate the conversation because there is never anything wrong with saving money in the City of Oxnard," he said. 


The committee passed the item unanimously.

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