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Chris Frost
Friday, March 20, 2020

By Chris Frost


Oxnard-- I hope everyone is safe and taking good care, so they don't get sick with the coronavirus. If you're at risk, take extra special care. 


That includes me, unfortunately, as I am a type 1 diabetic and have a compromised immune system. That is a dilemma for me. There are so many stories to tell in a city that tries to grapple with a pandemic. 


For example, grocery shopping is a nightmare right now. Food supplies are dwindling at the store I go to. I need to get in touch with those stores and see how serious this can get. Maybe if I can get some kind of timetable on this issue, perhaps people will stop panic buying.  I don't consider myself an alarmist, but I, too, did some panic buying this week. I purchased extra insulin. I would rather be safe and wrong, instead of being right without any insulin. In case you're wondering, without my insulin, I can't hold fluid, food, and I throw up a lot. The bottom line, I can't live without insulin.


Stop stockpiling food, everyone. If you're reading a doomsday story, stop. If you hoard food, you are creating a shortage. 


When this first started, I thought it was just a toilet paper issue. When my wife and I were at the store this past weekend, there were empty shelves all over the store. We bought extra dog and cat food to make sure they are okay. Like I just said, I'm not a big panic shopper, but I don't want to stand by my principals and have an empty kitchen. 


Anyway, enough about me, and let's talk about the homeless. With so many people outside, what is the city doing to take care of them? I understand that homeless people have a trust issue. From what I've learned in all my interviews with Oxnard City Manager Alex Nguyen, it takes 60 contacts with someone to build enough trust to get them to accept help. I also learned that the Salvation Army would lead the street outreach team to build that trust. That story needs telling, along with how the local hospitals will deal with the problem if it arises and where you can get tested.  


What about businesses? I interviewed one restaurant owner who relies on her breakfast business, and she can't get eggs. She also locked up her toilet paper to keep it safe.


The bottom line is that, at some point, I may be out there with a mask on, but the Tri County Sentry forges ahead and will give you the boots on the ground view of life in Ventura County as we get through this situation. If you're planning to practice social distancing, good for you. Put the phone down and talk to your family members. Reclaim the lost art of conversation and take an interest in each other.


Now is not the time to point fingers at the Republicans or the Democrats, and everyone needs to be on the same page. 


I promise that as soon as I get a press release that offers direction or advice to make our lives easier, it will be on our website.

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