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Chris Frost
Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Oxnard-- Let's start with something simple. It's a Friday night, I'm a little tired, but from time to time, I try to relax, have a couple of beers, and try to forget that I work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.


My version of relaxing is probably different than most people. I pay bills, clean the kitchen, look at my retirement accounts, and try to figure out a way to explain to the J Train that we're not retiring anytime soon. As a bonus, I get to justify that Daisy, my dog, has more money spent on her than me or the J-Train for her food because Walmart dog food is not adequate.


Then my email dings, and I go back to work, in this case, about a couple of stories I wrote a long time ago. 


With all that said, I'm not sure if I am a trail-blazing journalist who tackles the tough issues or a first-rate fool who can be manipulated into swaying the public.  


Since I think this is some kind of ploy to keep this person's name in the news, there will be no names or genders in this editorial. This person filed a lawsuit questioning the decisions made by management about this person's performance. Isn't it interesting that I've gotten no emails about the outcome, at least on the first issue? 


As I was reading the email, it struck me that I've written about the second issue before. I went back into my files and found that this issue was born years before the present management took over.

By Chris Frost

So, if we can blame people for a problem started by someone else, let me take a moment to blame my parents because I can't do math. If my mother hadn't smoked while she was carrying me, maybe I'd be an electrical engineer. While I'm at it, it's my sixth-grade teacher's fault that instead of studying economics in college, I went to open mike nights and told jokes. While I’m blaming others and making no sense, well, it's all my little brother's fault that I wasn't driven to be successful in high school and constantly made excuses about my lack of performance. It's not really his fault, but we don't get along to this day, so why not blame him? That's what little brothers are for, aren't they?


I'm off-topic, so let's get back to my point. I wrote several stories a long time ago, and I represented both sides of the issue on both stories, like a fair and balanced honest journalist does, and unless you have some new news. Do your job, and if you really care about the city, whatever issues you have, fix them, so you're not looked at like the enemy and get back to work as a team. Remember, you work for us.