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Chris Frosts
Thursday, May 21, 2020

By Chris Frost


Oxnard--I don't know all the rest of you, but this whole COVID-19 thing is starting to wear thin on me. I have good days and bad days like everyone else, but my wife says that sometimes I tend to act like a big baby just because I have had enough with this virus.


To be fair, I am no treat to be around sometimes when we are stuck at home, and as a guy who makes his living by asking questions, that can wear thin on Janis. One example of this was the discussion we had about coffee creamer the other day. 


I asked Janis if there is a difference between the store brand and the name brand, and she told me that she prefers the name brand. Then I asked her why she likes the name brand better, and she said she didn't know. I continued to ask her questions, you know, little things like do you like the name brand creamer because it is the name brand creamer until she said stop it, now. 


As a man, I realize that I can be trained to do almost anything but hanging around the house is not my favorite thing. There are a few events here-and-there, and I cover them because there are too many stories to tell to sit around the house.


I kid Janis, and she tells everyone she is a good sport. Honestly, she is a genuine hero and recently started working at a senior center. The team at her location keeps the seniors happy and healthy, and she is on the front line of this virus and making a difference daily.


She starts working early, 6 a.m., and that means she has to get up at 4:30 a.m. to eat breakfast and get ready. Here are a couple of tips if you ever find yourself in this position. It's not a good idea to play a recording of revile at 4:30 a.m., and it is also not a good idea to tell your wife what time it is every minute by minute. 


I have done some binge-watching to kill time, but that tends to get old after a while. I thought I'll watch the news until it makes me upset, and that meant 10 minutes of quality television watching before I start yelling at the TV.


If your wife takes over the set and starts watching a courtroom drama, it is a bad idea to suggest that having circus clowns sitting in the courtroom is a bad idea. 


She tries to help and suggest little projects, but it doesn't help me to hear her scream, "there is something wrong with the toilet" when I am sitting around bored out of my mind. It does not make me feel any better.  


Of course, I am not laid off from my job, and I genuinely feel bad for unemployed people sitting at home and waiting for the Employment Development Department to pay their benefits. They won't answer questions or take phone calls. I sent my questions to Governor Newsome, so we'll see if he responds. If he doesn't respond, keep that in mind the next time you go to the polls. 


The bottom line is, this mess is affecting us all, and I think we can all agree that China needs to be held accountable for this situation. Meanwhile, take a look around. There are great organizations in Ventura County, helping people with food, resources to manage rent, utilities, and stress that has nothing to do with your party affiliation. People help people and don't forget that.