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The new voting board lights up during the Nov. 5 meeting. (Photo by Chris Frost)
Wednesday, November 6, 2019

By Chris Frost



Oxnard--- The Oxnard City Council took a step into the 20th Century during the Nov. 5 meeting as a new voting system launched in the council chambers.


The change means there will no longer be a roll call vote during items considered at the dais, and when asked, council members will vote with the results displayed on the vote board. Council members can also request to speak by signaling.


City Manager Alex Nguyen pointed out to the crowd the board in the chambers with each council member’s name on it.


“Everyone has one of these little gadgets in front of them,” he said. “By the way, this brings us into the 21st Century. The system we have to keep order is the mayor calls the roll from one end of the dais to the other, and in the county’s chamber, you have a speaker’s request button too. 


When the clerk calls for a roll call vote, he said council members have a vote button, and when the city clerk sees that everyone has cast their vote, she presses a button, and it “magically” appears on the board.


“This is a good, useful, and simple tool,” he said. “Councilmember Perello, this is not hackable. That’s why I chose to go with this older system.”


The council tried it out, and each member voted on the information consent agenda. The first time through, Mayor Tim Flynn said he wanted yes on the consent agenda, but his vote came up no.


“I voted yes,” he said.


The council re-voted and passed the item unanimously.