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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

By Chris Frost



So, I am rumbling around the house after saying goodbye to my son this weekend. My son, Air Force Sergeant Colin R. Frost, is at an unspecified location in the middle east for the next six months.


He proudly serves his country and has for years. As a father, it certainly wasn't the career I hoped he'd land on, but I support my sons, and I am proud of them, no matter what.


One thing about my children, Travis, my oldest, and Colin, who we affectionately call "The Sarge," have been through some things in their life.


Just for some context, like many other people, my first marriage didn't work out. That left me working two jobs and spending all of one day a week with my kids. It was us against the world, and we became close. We depended on each other.


Fast forward to 1998, and my new wife, Janis, entered the picture, and my kids came to me and said, can we live with you, dad?


Colin didn't do well in school, and he barely got out of high school. My ex-wife regularly gave me a hard time, and she told me to punish him, threaten him, and continuously push him.


I didn't and told her that when he was ready, he'll be fine. Needless to say, after he graduated, he decided that being a shopping cart jockey was the way to go, while he worked on creating the next great rap beat. 


I let it go, and soon after that, he decided that he wanted something else. Since he didn't do too well in school, good ole dad gave him a job working at my restaurant as a cook.


That continued for a year, until one night while he was scrubbing the walk-in refrigerator, he came out to speak to me, wreaking of Brasso, and said if I straighten myself out, can you help me find a college?


Two months later, he took the entrance exam and blew the doors of the American College Test. He was on his way to college.


I stopped at my father's house after I returned, and he paid me a compliment. My father told me that it was my best move as a father, and he was proud of me. That was the only time my father ever complimented me on my parenting skills.


Then, one day Colin called me and said he was joining the Air Force. I told him that his disdain for authority would be a challenge to his success, and he told me that he could rise to the occasion. 


He rose to the occasion in a big way, and in a couple of years,  he became the Airman of the Year. He became an expert at explosive ordinance disposal. I still think he did that because I told him not to play with things that go boom.


As I wait for that message, it struck me that my mother was right. If I live until I'm 100, I will never stop worrying about my children.  My advice to him was simple, Be a good soldier, obey any orders, and if you engage any enemy, kick their ass. You're an American soldier, the best in the world, and you are following your passion.


He plans to come home and start a family with his wife, Jaze.  I love both my children,  and my daughter-in-law, and being a good parent was my passion. Not to be outdone, my kids always remind me that I am getting old, and I better take care of myself. Let's hope that God stays on his side. Just a quick prayer as I rumble around the house, wondering if Colin is safe.


God bless America. God bless my son and every soldier that defends our freedom.

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