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Community members peruse the selection of fine arts at the Oxnard Shores Art Walk. (Photo by Chris Frost)
Thursday, August 29, 2019

By Chris Frost


Oxnard— Oxnard Shores was the place to be, Aug. 24, as the annual art walk featured stunning works of art of all kinds and community camaraderie that can't be measured.


The event featured the art of 45 neighbors displayed at locations throughout Oxnard Shores.


Attendees each received a map as they arrived and walked the neighborhoods, enjoying all the creations on display.


Event Founder David Gardner was busy, and that’s the way he likes it.


"It's exciting," he said. "To meet your neighbors at a venue like this, there are so many people out here enjoying the artwork and getting to know your neighbors. It brings a smile to my face."


He had two sets of art on display, along with his friend, Susan Lawrence, from Santa Fe who drove to the location to show her artwork.


"On the side, I have painting and sculptural elements," he said. "I am also fascinated by fire, and I do a lot of photographs of fire."


He got lots of good feedback.


"It's good to hear from people who have been here for several years," he said. 


Currently, Gardner's latest project is mobiles, and he's created a couple of small ones.


"I have a space in my entryway to make this giant mobile," he said. "It takes a while for that to gestate in your mind, how to put it together, and what elements you want to use."


Artist Donna Avery said it is her second art walk and she created a lot of garden art for the event, including signs, sculptures, and faces.


"My favorite is the whale and my little tea party," she said. "The whale itself is made of wood, and I loved the design, so I used it. To stand it up, I used a piece of granite. I covered it with shells, rocks, beads, and stained glass."


The project took her a couple of weeks to complete, but it took her longer to create her tea party creation.


"I found a pumpkin that was on sale and it was cracked," she said. "I figured for $2; I can make something out of it. It is a glazed piece of pottery, that's what I started from, and there is a piece of tile underneath it."


From there, she added a bunch of plates to the art, along with little kid's tea sets.


"The hardest thing was the grouting because it is so uneven," she said. "I never have a concept. What I do is find materials, sort through them, and come up with the idea."


Her favorite artist is Simon Rodia.


"He's the gentleman who built the Watts towers," Avery said. "He just put stuff on and on. I hope I did him proud."


Each neighbor creates something, and she is proud of all the "incredible artists" in the community.


The whale started as her favorite, piece, but now she favors the Tea Party.


"I also made this solar fountain, and I like that too," she said. "It says Paradise on it because that's how I feel about where we live."


After the event is over, she pledges to take a break.


"We did Cars & Coffee, we did the walkway beautification, so my friend Carol and I are going to take a vacation," Avery said. 


Carol Hagedohm helped Avery set things up, and has been working on it for several days.


"Donna has been working on the art for several months," she said. "I help collect the money, greeting the people, and promoting the neighborhood."


Avery donates all the proceeds to C.A.R.L. (The Canine Adoption & Rescue League), Hagedohm said, which operates in Ventura.


"Last year she gave about $3,000 to the organization," Hagedohm said. 


Megan Smart was out shopping with her husband Sean, and they were out looking for a little bit of everything.


"This is the first time I've been here," she said. "We're having a great time. It's a little warm, but it's a great day. It's so fun seeing everyone's stuff."


She loves seeing all the artists.


"I am a photographer, and I love coming out and supporting all the artists who are putting their stuff out there," Megan said.


Sean had no problem with Megan's shopping.


"I let her spend the money," he said. "It's easier that way."


Melody Pearson was selling natural stone jewelry, and she selects every piece she sells.


"I make them for the energy and vibrations to help people with emotional and psychological issues," she said. "I've been making them for about 10 years."


One lady stopped by to buy an amethyst, which she calls fantastic.


"It's a crown shocker stone that is close to the divine and spiritual connection," she said. "It's calming and good with communication. It's one of the 10 staple stones a person should have."


She lives in the area and wanted to participate.


"I wanted to put the energy out and be part of the community," she said. "I believe in the energy of the shows, and I like to do the art shows."


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