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The group We Have Rights took to the streets to support reopening businesses. (Photo by Chris Frost)
Thursday, December 17, 2020

By Chris Frost



Ventura—The group, “We have Rights” took to the streets of Ventura on December 12 to urge the state to re-open business closed due to Covid-19.


The group handed out information while shouting “keep the businesses open” to people on Main Street downtown.


The group’s chairperson, Gina Bacon, organized the effort. Bacon said the group is marching to support businesses struggling to hang on as the pandemic continues to threaten the economy because of government restrictions.


"We're encouraging business owners, especially restaurant owners, to be defiant to the fake owners, as we know our tyrant governor (Gavin Newsom) is looking to shut us down," Bacon said. "We're here to support the Constitution and get behind business owners to stay compliant with the Constitution."


Jay Byam pointed out that Newsom violated his own orders after the media photographed him at the French Laundry restaurant in Northern California attending a dinner party thrown by a lobbyist. None of the dinner guests wore masks.


"We are doing the same," he said. "We're not looking for permission."


Bacon's group says it promotes small businesses, vaccine education, and education.


"Especially in Ventura County because we are one of the most compromised," she said. "That's including our county sheriff."


Business owners who feel displaced and bullied need to realize they are not alone.


"That's unity," she said. "What the unethical representatives have done is put a wedge between all the people. Part of “We Have Rights” is removing that wedge and reminding everyone that we are the ones in power and come back together so we can put everything in order properly."


Among those participating in the march was Dr. Hesu Whitten, a Clinical Kinesiologist and Chiropractor, who said that drug companies have spent the last 20 years trying to produce a vaccine for Corona type viruses.


"In all the animal trials, when they re-exposed the animals to the wild virus, the animals have gotten extremely sick or died," he said. "You can't create a vaccine for every virus like HIV or Hepatitis C. All these things; they failed to create a vaccine for, and they want us to believe that in just a few months, they've been able to create a safe and effective vaccine? Don't stand in line for it."


He emphasized that Covid-19 has a 99.7 percent survival rate for people under age 70.


"It's the same as the flu," he said. "We're creating a worldwide calamity for something no worse than the seasonal flu. Our death rates, on a national level, are within one person per day, as they were in 2018.  They are exactly the same as they were in 2018. We don't have any more death than we do in an average year."


Whitten pointed out that the virus can't be controlled.


"The guy who is the Vice President of Pfizer in England came out and said it's aerosol, and it goes 100 feet," he said. "Cities that have locked down do no better than cities that have not locked down. The pores in a mask are 30 times larger than the virus, and it goes right through. The idea that we can control the virus isn't supported by science."


Kevin Daly said the economic repercussions on people's lives is more damaging than the virus.


"Look at the number of people who have lost their businesses, the number of suicides, people dealing with depression and losing their homes over this shutdown," he said. "The shutdown is worse than the virus itself."


Judy Bruce marched at the event and said it's because of her that business owners in Simi Valley can now call the cops if someone enters a business without a mask.


"The reason they did that is because of a video [someone] took of me informing very professionally speaking to a manager about all the laws they were breaking and Constitutional rights taken away," she said. "I had a clipboard because I had some forms, and I handed him some forms. They took it totally out of context and completely exaggerated it as propaganda. Somebody put it on YouTube, and it got 10,000 hits. The city manager saw it and decided they were going to do that."


She responded by writing a letter to the City claiming that rights were being taken away by requiring masks.


"They can't get away with that," she said. "I believe that we need to have an organized movement of disobedience," she said. "This is the only way we are going to fight this. We have to say no, regardless of what the consequences are."


Her fight is not political.


"This is a health issue," Bruce said. 


Anyone who wants to join “We Have Rights” should sign up on the weekly subscriber list.


"Then you get the weekly newsletters, and you get screened through that way, as well," Bacon said.


"We've had many moles. This is for the people, small businesses, unity, and education. From here, we branch off into weekly meetings. We encourage business owners, activists on our rights, Constitutional education people, and vaccine education to join us."