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Candace Philip and Sophia Lacey successfully found Valentine’s Day rocks at the Rock n Love event at Oxnard Beach Park. (Photo by Chris Frost)
Thursday, February 18, 2021

By Chris Frost



Oxnard-- Love swept its way across all 53 city parks, February 14, as the Cupid-inspired Rock n Love event provided a perfect family opportunity for a great Sunday afternoon in the sun.


Attendees joined in the fun at Oxnard Beach Park and found rocks painted by community members, took a selfie with a rock, brought them home, posted photos of the event, and tagged Oxnard Recreation & Community Services on social media. The rocks contained messages of love and hope for the community.


Candace and Philip Lacey brought their daughter Sophia to hunt for rocks and had a blast.


"We always come to this park and saw they were doing this Rock n Love thing," Candace said. "My uncle, Terrel Harrison, is the parks and rec director."


Philip enjoys spending time with his daughter, and the Rock n Love was a perfect event, followed by more fun when they get home.


"I plan on cooking a dinner tonight," he said. "We're going to do tri-tip and some sides and have a good time."


Candace and Philip did exchange Valentine's Day cards that morning.


"I got my husband some chocolate and some heart candies," Candace said.


Sophia, who is 21 months old, said hi and wished everyone a happy Valentine's Day.


"She's going to gymnastics after this," Candace said.


Miguel Orozco, his family, and his daughter enjoyed the sun at the park but stayed socially distant.


"She's learning to walk, and we wanted to get away from the house," he said. "Later on, we are going to be with the family. I have some flowers, and I'll barbeque at the house."


Grandpa Miguel Caromno enjoys taking his granddaughter to the park.


"This is a good tradition, and I want it to keep going," he said.


Greg, Brittany, and Trudy Hayes took advantage of the nice weather and the holiday to visit the beach.


"We live in the area," Brittany said. "Lots of things are still closed here, but we feel really safe at the beach. We wanted to come out and get some fresh air and get some energy out in the sand."


Greg enjoys the beach, and he surfs.


"I enjoy spending time with my family and getting outside in the fresh air and seeing people," he said. "This is our Valentine's Day plans. We're having a little beach time, and later on, we'll have a little nap, and we'll have some wine in the evening."


He did not plan on barbecuing after the day's fun.


"We have a new air fryer, and we've been cooking healthy meals in the air fryer," he said. "We'll have a little fire this evening."


Greg and Brittany debated taking a dip in the water.


"We talked about it, but the wind picked up, so we decided not to get into the water," he said. "It's a little messy out there (lots of waves), but it is always fun to get in the water. We decided to go have a bike ride instead."


Trudy enjoyed spending the day with her family.


"We're just enjoying the outdoors," she said.