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Kim Winch from the Oxnard Fire Department Ready and Resilient Team educated people about how to be self-sufficient. (Photo by Chris Frost)
Thursday, August 8, 2019

By Chris Frost


Oxnard—The Cars & Coffee team hosted its second event at Oxnard Shores Aug. 3, as the group gathered and enjoyed the sunny day by the beach.


Coffee and treats were the first order of business, as everyone was welcome to relax, enjoy some classic automobiles, catch up with their neighbor, and make new friends.


Art Walk Organizer David Gardner said there are almost double the number of submissions for the 2019 show.


“We were in the mid-20s last year, and we are at 43 right now,” he said. “There has been a good response, and the quality of the product gets better each year.”


The event is scheduled for Aug. 24, and he admitted that water blisters are forming on his hands because he is getting nervous.


“What you see here today (neighbors interacting with neighbors) is what happens during the art walk, but on a bigger scale,” Gardner said. “It excites me when we get neighbors out talking with each other that don’t normally talk to each other. We have a good time out here at Oxnard Shores.”


Local artisans will be selling products, he said, and the products featured will include jewelry, custom clothes, and items from artists and poets.


“It’s expanding because the term art is all-encompassing,” he said. “We want to encourage all of it.”


Karen Brooks brought her labradoodle “Watson” to the event.


“The best part about this is a bunch of neighbors getting together and having some fun,” she said. “This is not associated with the city or any organization. It’s a neighborhood happening that is spontaneous.”


Her car, a 1972 Porsche 914, is in pieces in the garage, she said, and her husband Dave Brooks said the four-cylinder car is stripped and painted champagne yellow. 


“It’s waiting for a few more details on the body, and then it comes back to the garage for assembly,” Dave said. “This is a hobby.”


He called the car the “ugly stepchild” of Porsche that is underrated.


“It’s a fabulous driver with a mid-engine, and rides like a go-kart,” he said. “It is fun to drive and not common. It was only in production from 1969 until 1976 when they let it go. It was supposed to be an entry-level Porsche.”


He hopes to have the car ready around Aug. 2020 and said he started working on the car in 1983.


“It’s a long-term project,” he said. “Don’t give up your day job.”


He enjoys seeing all the classic cars in the neighborhood and said his father had classic cars when he was a boy.


“I’ve always been a car nut, and the neighbors here are great,” he said. 


Carol Hagedohm said she is pleased the police and fire departments came out for the event.


“We had a lot of homemade treats that our neighbors brought, and we are asking for small donations to help us with the garden club that we have on the walkways,” she said. 


The Oxnard Fire Department Ready and Resilient team were also at the event, and leader Kim Winch wants to make sure that every neighborhood is self-sufficient.


“Every neighbor and neighborhood need to be self-sufficient for 5-7 days,” she said. “You need to know who your neighbors are and make sure you have enough water in your house for 5-7 days. You, your family, and all your neighbors need to sign up for VC Alert, which is where you are going to get your news. Not good news, but bad news, whether you need shelter or whether you need to hike it out of there because a tsunami is coming.”


The ready and resilient team came because of neighborhood chairwoman Julie Pena, who was invited to participate in Fire Chief Darwin Base’s liaison team.


“There are 42 active neighborhoods in Oxnard, and we are inviting one person from each neighborhood in Oxnard,” Winch said. “In those meetings, we will talk about the specific needs and positives in their neighborhood, and how to prepare. Some live on the shores who need to prepare for a tsunami. The people who live near the railroad station need to be aware of train derailments and toxic fumes.”

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