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Trump supporters line Victoria Avenue in Ventura and scream four more years. (Photo by Chris Frost)
Thursday, October 15, 2020

By Chris Frost



Ventura-- The United We Stand Rally for America, Oct 10, was a flag-waving celebration of America and its president, Donald Trump, at the Ventura County Justice Center.


The event, sponsored by the Patriots of Ventura County, featured vendors selling Republican merchandise, speeches touting conservative values, and a special guest, Congressional Candidate Ronda Kennedy, who faces incumbent Julia Brownley this Nov.


The day's theme was flag-waving, as hundreds of Trump supporters lined the streets in Ventura, screaming four more years. Dozens of cars honked and cheered in support of the event, and the group seemed undaunted by other motorists who drove by screaming obscenities.


Betsy "Ross" Jones pulled the rally together and said when Black Lives Matter got started, she couldn't do anything because she was bedridden.


"I had fallen, hurt my back badly, and needed surgery," she said. "I sat in my bed thinking what can I do, and I started this Facebook group, Patriots of Ventura County, and it grew so fast."


The Patriots of Ventura County are a group of people who love to get together because they all think the same way.


"It's nice to be around people who are like-minded," she said. "When we're here, and at a rally, we can be ourselves and talk openly about the way we feel about what's going on in our community. You can't do that on social media."


Jones ends up in Facebook jail all the time.


"Just for posting facts," she said. "It's so limited that you can't say how you feel, so how does Facebook represent you?"


Her problem with Joe Biden is simple, she's conservative, and he's liberal.


"Joe Biden needs to retire," Jones said. "He's been in office for too long. He's been there for almost 50 years, and he's gotten nothing done, and he's a racist. Aside from that, I don't think he's all there mentally."


During the Vice Presidential debate, Jones said Kamala Harris lied about fracking and refused to answer questions about the green new deal and packing the Supreme Court.


"What's the point in having a debate if they won't answer those questions," Jones said. "Those are the three we want the answers to."


She's planning a couple of more rallies before the election.


"We have a caravan every Sunday, as well," she said. "There are more cars in the caravan then there are people here now. The caravan gets pretty big."


Jones also started the group because she has black grandchildren.


"I do not like the way the blacks portray them," she said. "They try to make it look being black is a handicap. I don't want my grandkids ever to hear that. It's not true."


She loves her country.


"I was raised in Iowa, and back there, it seems like everybody is more patriotic," she said. "Everybody is patriotic back there."


Jones was enjoying her first rally after her surgery, but she noted some people helped her make the event happen.


"I saw Mike Stiles waving his flag and said he's a patriot who loves his country," she said. "I had no idea how amazing he was and his history of doing promotional rallies like this. He's a boxer, and it exploded when I had him."


She also commended Ashlea Aguilar for all her help.


"We have all these free yard signs, and they are beautiful," Jones said. "We're proud."


Ventura City Council District 7 Libertarian Candidate Heather May said in her district, 50 percent of the voters are Democrat, 25 percent are Republican, and 25 percent have no party affiliation.


"Ss you can see today, it's not a problem, and we're having a hell of a time," she said. "I'm like President Trump, and I am a none of the above candidate. If you watch any of the forums and hear what the other people say, I'm talking about common sense policies. There is a huge homeless crisis, and nobody is doing anything about it. If you go to the city council meetings specifically for the homeless, and you hear their ideas, policies, and what they're trying to do. They say it takes 600 interactions with a homeless person. Most people are dead by interaction 600. It could be a million, but it's not going to change a thing. We don't need to do anything differently. We need to start enforcing our laws. first things first."


Kennedy was proud to see all the love and support for the United States at the rally and said right now, with the current times, people are hating America,


"It's so prideful to see so many people out here in Ventura that still love our country," she said. "I am happy and comfortable."


She said the big difference between Kennedy and Brownley is that she is here and on the ground.


"I am everywhere," she said. "I ask people if they know who their congresswoman is, and they don't know. I'm here, I'm always in the restaurants, I'm spotted, and they know me."


She pointed out that Brownley is not there, and she doesn't represent the people because her vote belongs to Nancy Pelosi, and Bownley votes with Pelosi 100 percent of the time.


"I haven't seen her campaign at all," Kennedy said. "She just fills in title to this district. The biggest complaint I get is that I call Julia Brownley's office, and I don't get a response. I end up talking to those people."


Brownley backed out of a debate with Kennedy because Brownley accused Kennedy of not practicing social distancing.


"She was going to be on Zoom, and I opted to be there in person," Kennedy said. "She canceled it because she said during my fireside chat with Rob McCoy that we didn't practice with social distancing. I found several examples of her online without a mask sharing a microphone with other people, and she was not social distancing."


Kennedy called this election the "literal fight for our country and the children's future."


"I have seven-year-old triplets, and I have grandchildren who I want to grow up in an America that I am proud of and the America where I grew up," she said. "If we don't fight and adhere to the Constitution, even with the Supreme Court Justice nominee, it's important to the Constitution."


Kennedy said the left is upset about that fact.


"We need to live by the Constitution," she said. "That's our Bible."


Kennedy said bringing jobs to CA District 26, and not being Pelosi's puppet, is the biggest priority.


"I want to bring SpaceX expansion out here to Ventura County," Kennedy said. "We have room at the base; we're close to Vandenberg, so I think this is a prime opportunity for SpaceX to expand. SpaceX was going to leave during the shutdown and go to Texas when Governor Newsome forced them to close. Then he gave in. We have a better tax base than Los Angeles County."


For more information about Kennedy, visit @ronda4Congress on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Cassidy Coultas came out dressed in true Red, White, and Blue attire and wanted to show how much she loves the country and President Trump.


She doesn't trust Joe Biden.


"I think he's going to sell us to China," Coultas said.


She loves how Trump always puts the country first.


"He's the first president not to take a paycheck, just to support our country," Coultas said. "He's getting more done than Obama did when he was in office."


Kennedy Dutra loves Donald Trump and wanted to show her support.


"He loves this country for what it is and loves the people, no matter what," Dutra said. "I think he's the best option for America."


She, too, doesn't like Biden.


"He's a pedophile and doesn't like Americans," she said. "He isn't fit to run America, and he never was."


Emcee Scott Keighley feels strongly about hosting the rally.


"I think Trump has done a great job and delivered on his promises," Keighley said. "He's stood up to the dictators and world leaders and got us fair deals. He's fighting for the American people."


He called Biden a career politician who has done nothing.


"All he does is promise," Keighley said. "He'll say one thing one day and another thing another day."


He is a general contractor, and it means a lot to him to step out of his comfort zone.


"I feel strongly about this group and what we represent," he said.