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One of the many treasures at Heritage Square in Oxnard is Heritage Coffee, run by Theresa Enriquez and her son Carlos Larios. (Photo by Chris Frost)
Thursday, January 3, 2019

By Chris Frost


Oxnard— One of the most pleasant surprises tucked away at Heritage Square is a new decadent treat, Heritage Coffee, that has been a real success story on 7th Street.

The business has a homey feel, and people enjoy many different styles of coffee, along with delicious treats while they read, visit or surf the web on their free Wi-Fi hotspot at the location.

When you walk in co-owner Theresa Enriquez greets you and makes you feel welcome and said the building inspired her to operate at Heritage Square.

As she was scouting locations, it seemed to her that it would be a nice place to sit, drink coffee, eat sweets and relax. It was the Cressman House design with an Asian twist that she liked the most because she lives in a Cressman style house.

“I like the windows and the way they face the street,” she said. “This is our building, and it has an upstairs where I have my office. The architecture of this one is a little different. It looks like the gable (roof) has a little curve to it, and that is intriguing.”

Enriquez said her neighbors were excited about the business opening because it attracts more people to Heritage Square.

“It’s a small place, so everybody knows each other,” she said. “We’re just across the way from the hairdresser.”

The most popular item on the menu is a latte, she said, but the Mexican Hot chocolate, which is made with darker chocolate, is also popular because it has cinnamon and almonds.

“It has quite a different flavor, and I think it is a richer drink,” she said.

Her son, Carlos Larios said helping his mother get started at Heritage Coffee is a lot of work, but it has been rewarding.

“I graduated from the University of New Mexico, and the number one reason why I came back is my girlfriend,” he said. “We’ve been together since high school.”

He is becoming a coffee connoisseur and loves Ethiopian coffee and practicing his latte art.

“Ethiopian coffee is fruity,” he said. “People think that espresso has more caffeine than a normal cup of coffee, but it’s in a smaller volume. A Latte has a double shot of espresso.”

He wants to keep growing in 2019.

“We want to be a good place to come,” he said.

His big present this year was a French press for coffee.

“I got my girlfriend a diamond necklace," he said.

Enriquez appreciates having her son on the team.

“He got a degree in business and wanted to come to help out his mom and dad,” she said. “My husband and I live here, and this is our community.”

She enjoyed her holiday and had lots of family on hand.

“It was quite busy because we worked on Christmas Eve and then we went home and started Christmas eve dinner,” she said.