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Place a Classified in Tri-County Sentry

P.W. Robinson (Photo by Chris Frost)
Thursday, March 12, 2020

I attended a recent city meeting on homelessness and am still in recovery. 


The utter lack of preparation by the city of a presentation to ask for $35 million dollars for an imaginary, two-years-down-the-line shelter for the same 110 residents was, frankly, frightening. 


Equally concerning was the continuing fixation of the community on bodily functions. Is it possible that the city residents don't know that all public restrooms in the city have been locked down for over a year?


And don't accuse the homeless of that crime, not ever. I've seen local miscreants dump garbage bags in our areas, and we now know there is no act that is beneath them. If you see someone do it, just arrest them for the crime, and the homeless will thank you.


Why? Because he's not one of us, he's a criminal. Just like the guy who killed Anthony Mele in Ventura.  A victim of an incompetent mental health system, not a representative of any other larger group. 


Stop blaming the homeless for the actions of criminals, and never, ever complain about outdoor relief until you unlock the bathrooms. We won't have it.


We're just as valuable as you are in every single way, like it or not. 


National organizations for the homeless are well aware of certain cities intentionally creating third-world conditions for their homeless populations.


Oxnard will soon hold the title as the cruelest, meanest, deadliest place in the country for the unhoused, because it is. 


Is this how business is done in Oxnard? Why would they show up to a meeting unprepared like this? Why place the shelter in a business area?


This (sure to be abandoned after the money flows) project, if completed, would take Ventura County from 6% sheltered homeless, lowest in the nation, all the way up to...6%. 


The excuse for not using the area around the airport is laughable and sounds made up. If regs have changes that dramatically around airports since everything was built, every city everywhere would be abandoning billions of dollars of property around airports. Are they?


The idea that the city of Oxnard can't work out a deal with their own airport is idiotic. Extending the runway in the other direction would be a far cheaper fix. If that won't work, just say no. And then we'd have shelter for a couple of hundred more without building a thing.


There has never been a study, ever, that showed any negative effect on a neighborhood from a shelter. No dip in property value, no increase in crime rate. In fact, several studies imply a trend in the other direction.


This money-grabbing and latching onto a humanitarian cause in order to steal money is a problem nationwide, and it makes the homeless look like thieves instead of the local governments. 


Ventura County has posted figures about their homeless expenditures that are almost as aberrant as the homeless death rate here. 


When forensic accountants and some real cops finally get here, everyone will develop a different attitude about all things Oxnard.


110 of us aren't worth $35 million for a transitional shelter, nobody is. Every city everywhere is proposing these ridiculously expensive solutions. Stop spending amounts of money that makes folks want to kill us. 


If we really wanted to handle the whole issue, we'd be trying to create a world where lying around in the park was something some folks chose to do, instead of something some folks have to do. Right? 


So, to end homelessness without murdering any more of us….we'd act with a certain relentless vigor:


We'd buy or build cheap apartment buildings and house the unhoused in bulk, creating massive drug and violence infested ghettos, OR 


we'd heal and restore them in an in-patient setting, twenty four at a time, eliminate trauma and "addictions", help them find their gifts, help them to monetize what they do, what they know, or what they can teach, then house them in the cheap apartments we've purchased or built for them, set them up to pay the mortgage on their little place, and end homelessness in this way. 


That's the Paradise Project. 'We don't want your money' is one discarded tagline. Discarded because, while it's true that we don't want or need your money, it's not much of a call to greatness. 


'Healing and Restoring the Unhoused in Real Time' is the reality show pitch tag, and a call to greatness. Make no mistake, that's our initial calling.


The healing women of Ventura County are going to show the world the power of love and compassion, and in doing so will repair much of the PR damage done by the boys with all this murder and conspiracy. 


What a surprise! Women cleaning up the mess made by men. 


Once we prove the template, and end homelessness in Ventura County, we'll export it nationwide and pivot to the next project, far more important and challenging: ending suicide in the USA.


Ventura County will become known as the birthplace of the end of homelessness, the earthly home of compassion and healing. 


Sadly, at least for some period of time, we'll also be known for the conspiracy and cover-ups around all these dead homeless people. Dateline, 20/20, they'll be digging around. 'The story of the year'.


The future, and the past. 


Coming together, soon. 


P W Robinson


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