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A large crowd came out to celebrate the grand opening of the Bernie Sanders office in Oxnard. (Photo by Chris Frost)
Thursday, January 16, 2020

By Chris Frost



Oxnard-- Music, good food, camaraderie, and organization building highlighted the grand opening of the Bernie Sanders for President office in Oxnard on Jan. 9.


The event brought out a massive crowd of well-wishers who came out to celebrate the opening, talk about politics, and get the campaign started on the right foot. 


Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is the longest-serving independent member in United States congressional history. He is running for president as a democrat.


The evening started as training for volunteers and was not well-attended. The grand opening, however, brought a massive crowd of supporters.


If elected, Mark Hirschfeld said he wants Bernie Sanders to address the issue with the fossil fuel companies and move toward renewable energy.


"Then, retrain all their employees to work without fossils," Hirschfeld said. "It's certainly not the CEOs of fossil fuel companies we have to be concerned with helping. We have to be concerned about all the employees. Job training should be a big part of that. A big part of the plan is to create 20 million new jobs through working with green energy."


Hirschfeld said Sanders is concerned about affordable housing.


"He has a national bill before the senate that will allocate money for affordable housing," he said. "Working with the homeless population is something Bernie has a serious concern. We need to work with the homeless population and bring people together."


Utilizing a housing-first plan, Hirschfeld said, is part of developing more affordable housing.


"In Los Angeles, there is a huge movement that's gotten together to work on this," he said. "Bernie came to Northridge to give a talk on this. It was a town hall, and he is stressing affordable housing."


Mark's wife, Elle Stockton, said she is all in for Bernie.


"When I heard that Bernie Sanders was going to run in April 2015, I knew that I was going to drop everything and volunteer for him," Stockton said. "I am going to keep at it until he wins the presidency of the United States. No matter what it takes to get him into the oval office."


She is thrilled to be at the new headquarters.


"He is number one in California, and he is doing phenomenally in the nation," she said. "I believe that Bernie Sanders will win this election."


Jon Huyuke said he is a Bernie guy.


"Universal healthcare has to be the big thing," he said. "Back in 1988, I saw something on T.V., and it was a guy in Congress that said gay people needed human rights. I was looking at this guy in 1988 and thinking that he is saying the right things, but he is not going to get anywhere, politically. It was Bernie Sanders, and he has been doing the same thing for the past 40 years."


Kevin Ward had a great time at the Grand Opening. 


"After that fiasco in 2016, when we were down with the youth for the election, it's wonderful that we have another shot at the survival of the human species," he said. "I didn't mean to cut out all the other species. They're in trouble too."


Danny Chulack is already working to make Sanders the next president.


"There is already a texting team that is sending out messages," he said. "We are also phone banking, where we send calls out, and we are going from door-to-door knocking on doors and connecting with voters. We also crowd canvas at any events that come up at Ventura College and Oxnard College."


In 2020, Danny said that more people are on board with the rhetoric that Sanders started in 2016.


"People understand that we need drastic action when it comes to climate change," he said. "Student loan debt is out of control, and our current healthcare system (Obamacare) is broken."