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Thursday, August 9, 2018

By Chris Frost

Tri County Sentry Editor


I have to tell you, I have been amazed by the great welcome I have received from the people in the City of Oxnard since my arrival last week. This is my second time in the state, as I used to report on the goings-on in Compton back in 2011.

I am excited to be part of the Tri County Sentry and will work hard every day to make this the paper of choice in Oxnard.

My last stop was in a small town in the central time zone where everyone told me when I arrived that they were the friendliest people anywhere. 

With that said, let's take a minute to compare. In all the time I was in my last city, we had one neighbor come by to say hi and welcome us to the neighborhood. Bottom line, it wasn't friendly at all. Fast forward to California and most of our neighbors stopped by to say hello and welcome us to the area. There have been numerous offers of help, and we were even invited to the community block party later this month. 

From there my wife Janis did a face plant in the driveway as the movers were unloading the truck on our second day and she wound up with two black eyes a skinned nose and cut legs. Our neighbors jumped to it and asked her if she was okay. Later that day people were asking her if she was alright at the grocery store.

Of course, there is going to be some adjustments to life in the city. An excellent example of that was just this past Sunday when we went shopping, and I lost my wife behind a wall of people at a department store. She got ahead of me, and it took me a while to find her. She is a little afraid to drive here, but she’ll get past that.

So now I get to hit the streets and here is my promise to the City of Oxnard, I will cover a lot of events, and when you read the Sentry, you will have a paper that celebrates life in the city and informs you about the crucial issues that affect all of us. Keep in mind that some stories may not be happy, but they will be fair, honest and balanced.

Journalism is a passion I have held near and dear to me since I was a child watching Walter Cronkite with my father in Freeport Long Island. After college, I got married, had two kids and spent 29 years in the restaurant business until my children finally said go chase your dream dad, so off I went at age 49 and love what I do every day.

I hope you enjoy the Tri County Sentry and welcome your feedback.