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Chris Frost
Monday, April 5, 2021

By Chris Frost


Oxnard--So, here I am, having my typical Friday; I am working on stories, planning my weekend, and trying to get things done around the house. The J-Train is getting her second COVID-19 shot, so we have to dash over the Southwinds Park as soon as she gets home from work.


She gets home, and I am ready to go! We have a straightforward itinerary; shot, walk the dogs, and then home since most of what I've read and reported on says the second shot puts you on your butt, so we wanted to be home for that issue.


There is only one problem. Try to find a place to park around Southwinds Park. To make my point more vivid, cars are double-parked everywhere, bicycles are weaving through traffic, and if you slow down to look for a spot, you get tailgated and honked at. Additionally, the parked cars were too close to the intersection, which severely limited vision at every turn.


I saw a couple of accidents, and in one instance, two cars collided with each other and drove one car into a row of parked cars, which did massive damage. That didn't seem to matter, as cars swerved around the accident and went along their merry way.


Ultimately, I ended up in a shopping center parking lot nowhere near the park, and I called the J-Train and told her to call me when she's done, so I can pick her up.


She tells me that the lady who registered her for the shot said you can't get a parking space, ever.


Plainly put, the area has too many cars, and obviously, there is no plan to fix the problem. The overcrowding is dangerous, and it's tough to get around in a car.


Okay, why can't the city spend some of their new tax money to deal with this issue? I passed some fenced-off dirt. Buy it, pave it and make a parking lot.


While they're at it, there must be some kind of way to limit the number of cars on the street. When the city created its short-term rental ordinance, those houses were allotted a certain number of spaces. I hope this situation is not being shelved since it is in South Oxnard. That doesn't work. In a dense space, housing goes upward, so why not a parking structure? Sitting around acknowledging the problem and doing nothing is crap. I know there is a lot of overcrowding in the area, and many families are forced to live together, but there is an opportunity here to do something and address part of the problem the area faces.


It seems to me, and I know this from when I worked in Manhattan, Jersey City, and Queens, New York, overcrowding spawns violence.


So, here's the problem, let's hear some answers.