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P.W. Robinson (Photo by Chris Frost)
Thursday, February 27, 2020

By Chris Frost


Oxnard-- During public comments at the Feb. 18, Oxnard City Council meeting, P.W. Robinson raised the issue of the homeless death rate in Oxnard.


Robinson initially reported on the statistic Feb. 4 and returned to remind the public and the press attending that it is a severe issue.


He noted that Oxnard has the highest homeless death rate in the nation.


"The homeless death rate in Ventura County is 4.91 percent," he said. "In San Francisco, it is 1.67 percent, and in Los Angeles County, it's 1.71 percent."


He said that equates to 82 dead people out of 1,600 people in Ventura County.


"That's so much higher than every place I could find, and I looked," he said. "We have a full spectrum of homeless people here, and you also have the lowest number of sheltered homeless in any county I could find. That isn't close; you're at six percent. That is remarkably low."


Recently, Robinson said a friend was riding her bike, and she was knocked off it by a policeman named "Bernardo," and she couldn't get his badge number because he wouldn't give it.


"She had to go inside," Robinson said. "He was pulling into the cop shop when he almost killed her."


The day after being struck, Robinson said the police pulled her friend over while she was walking, so officer Bernardo could drive by and wave.


"That's the real Oxnard, in case anyone wants to know," he said. 


He read through some numbers and said the shelter needed $965,000 to get the shelter through the end of the year.


"They want $965,000 for 100 people in the shelter for five months," he said. "There's no way to spend that much money. Even if you tried and cared, you couldn't. Then there's the $535,000 for the Plaza Park 42. Whatever happened to them. We're going to keep asking these questions and push for answers."