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Bert Perello and Carmen Ramirez re-elected
Thursday, November 8, 2018

By Chris Frost



After a contentious mayoral race, that started with a recall election earlier in the year, Incumbent Mayor Tim Flynn handily won re-election over challenger Aaron Starr, Nov. 6.

With 100 percent of the precincts reporting, the unofficial results show Incumbent Mayor Tim Flynn receiving 12,906 votes for 51.61 percent of the electorate, Aaron Starr getting 7,404 votes for 29.61 percent and 29.61 percent and Mario Quintana coming in third with 4,471 votes for 17.88 percent.

In district one, Incumbent Bert Perello coasted to an easy victory with 3,125 votes and 43 percent of the electorate, followed by Kari Cryder with 1,811 votes and 24.92 percent, Ken Oplinger with 1,169 votes and 16.08 percent and Ambrosio Casanova Jr. with 1,119 votes for 15.4 percent.

In district two, Incumbent Carmen Ramirez 2,479 votes for 57.95 percent, followed by Lance Ralston with 1,407 votes and 32.89 percent and Tai Hartley with 363 votes for 8.49 percent.

In the newly formed district five, Gabriela Basua received 1,676 votes for 49.38 percent, followed by Elizabeth White with 1,195 votes and 35.31 percent and Lawrence Stein with 464 votes and 13.67 percent.

In district six, Vianey Lucia Lopez received 902 votes for 35.52 percent, followed by Francine Castenon with 764 votes and 30.93 percent, then Carolina Gallardo-Magana with 559 votes for 22.63 and Luis Garcia-Moreira with 215 votes for 8,15 percent.

On the heated state ballot issues, voters rejected Proposition 6, repealing the fuel tax 3,667,383 against and 2,958,590 for repealing the tax.

Voters also rejected Proposition 8, which would have regulated kidney dialysis treatment charges. There were 4,035,561 who voted against the change and 2,519,311 who voted for the proposition. Voters also rejected Proposition 10 which would have placed controls on rental properties.  4,092,020 voters said no to the switch while 2,522,481 voted yes.