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Oxnard City Manager Alex Nguyen. (Courtesy photo)
Friday, July 24, 2020

By Chris Frost


Oxnard-- In his report to the city council, July 21, City Manager Alex Nguyen disclosed a list of city manager approved contracts.


The item was fueled by Nguyen's desire to be transparent and forthcoming with residents and is something he started doing when he arrived at city hall.


The item was informational, and Mayor Tim Flynn applauded the item as a step forward to a transparent city government.


Nguyen provides the information twice each year under his authority. The item is not required, but it's part of his plan for the city.


He revealed 26 approved items under his authority. The item is published and on the city website for everyone to see.


Included on the list were contracts with, Mercy House, CPS HR Consulting,  Major Events Trailers, LLC twice, the Ventura County Watershed Protection District, CBRE Inc., Shawn Steinberg dba Summit Air Conditioning and Heating, BPR Inc., Filippin Engineering Inc., the Wallace Group, AECOM twice, PB Loader Corporation, Toro Enterprises, Inc three times, Huitt-Zollars, Inc. twice, Kennedy Jenks, Inc, MNS Engineers, Inc., the Fox Canyon Groundwater Management Agency, the National Auto Fleet Group, Fugro USA, the Ventura County Fire Department, Kimley-Horn and Associates and The Lew Edwards Group.


The city had suspended street sweeping and parking tickets because of Covid-19, as people were forced to stay home.


"Unfortunately, the Covid-19 numbers for our county continue to inch back up," Nguyen said. "We had intended to resume street sweeping and ticketing this week. I have, along with the executive team, made the decision to continue the suspension of street sweeping and ticketing until further notice. We'll see where this pandemic heads in the future. We are not going to be ticketing for street parking, and unfortunately, we won't be doing regular street sweeping. We will try our best to do this when it is physically possible. Street sweeping is something that we are mandated to do to keep the storm drains clean. When you're not sweeping the streets regularly, as we are supposed to, things get into the storm drain system. We are making an effort to clean the catch basins out more frequently. There are consequences to this suspension, but given the pandemic, we believe it’s the right thing to continue."


He reminded the council that the moratorium on evictions is still in effect in California.


"It continues to be in place until the end of September," he said. "We'll wait to hear what the state does as we get close to the end of September."


The city is keeping its late fees stopped for late utility payments, he said, nor will they shut off service because of missed payments due to Covid-19.


"We don't have counter service for utility payments, but we do have the boxes outside," he said. "There are other ways that people can pay. Online, on the phone, or at 7-11 stores where you can make cash payments. You can also pay by mail. We encourage people to pay their utility bills on time, but if you can't pay due to Covid-19, we will not penalize you or shut off your Oxnard-provided utilities."


There is a city-wide neighborhood pride cleanup slated for August 7-9.


"They're advertising the event on Facebook," Nguyen said.


For more information, call 702-460-8224.


"This is a resident-driven event," he said. "The city will support them, and I will ask the executive team and council to volunteer that weekend."