Tuesday, July 3, 2018

By Chris Frost

Special to the Tri County Sentry


OXNARD—The Oxnard Parks Recreation and Community Services and Development Commission heard the latest about the Park Grant Projects and how it will benefit the city during the June 27, meeting.

There is an April 30 spending deadline for the California Housing and Community Development Park Grant. All the money has to be spent, for Durley, Del Sol, Thompson, Colonia, and Carty Park.

Paul Jordan made the presentation for the parks division and said there are a lot of park projects and renovation in plan check and some are approved.

“We have the Del Sol Park and the Community Center Park East restroom in progress,” he said. “We finally located the sewer lines out there, so we’re proceeding.”

City Engineer Robert Hearne spoke on behalf of the parks department and said the city is in design on most of the parks.

Jordan said his company works directly for public service and that department has engaged his company for the last six months to renovate and upgrade nine parks in the city.

“They are in various stages of design, plan check and review,” he said. “At Durley Park, we completed the renovation plans for the new play area, and it’s in plan check.”

Hearne said that anytime you do a renovation or remodel on a park the building department and code requires that you look at part of travel requirements, including restrooms and drinking fountains.

“We had our architect review the plans we prepared for Durley Park in 2012,” he said. “We’re still in compliance, we have to make a note of that in the plans, so it should be approved. We’re still in compliance with the 2016 building code.”

He said they finished the survey of the south section where the sewage treatment plant was, and they have the grades and locations of all the existing elements.

“We’re ready to start community meetings to review design concepts on that portion,” he said. “We budgeted for design, so we can get some design studies going, have some community meetings going and see where we are going to go.”

He said the city is still waiting for budget approval so that they can do additional tests.

“We’ve had the phase two assessment done,” he said. “There’s some petroleum and a few other things out there we are still trying to nail down. We need to do some further testing.”

He said Durley Park would come out of plan check in a couple of weeks.

Jordan said there are plans to add more lighting to Colonial Park.

“Those plans have been approved,” he said. “As soon as the specifications are done it’s going out to bid.”

He said they'll split the work into two phases.

“We’re adding more LED lights to the existing field lights and brighten up that area, and the plan is to add some new pole lights on the south side. The idea is to bring the whole light level up in that park for security and other reasons.”

Jordan said they designed a new jogging path for Thompson Park.

“Those plans have been approved, and they’re almost ready to go to bid,” he said. “There is a jogging path that goes around the entire perimeter of the park; we’re removing a portion of the lawn and installing concrete curbs that have a resilient surface in-between and it will be like Del Sol Park."

He said the electrical engineer is working on the lighting at Beck Park.

“It’s pretty much the north end of the park,” he said. “On the south side you have the field lights for the baseball fields, but on those fields, we're adding LED lamps that are about 30 feet above the grade.”

He plans to ask for money for cameras in the parks.

Jordan said the city has completed it's phase two assessment at Lemonwood Park, and they’ve found some chemicals at the location.

“It’s very low on the scale, so the thought was to cap it with concrete,” he said. “We won’t have to go through the remediation project, and it will be safe and secure.”

At Fremont Park, he said the task is to provide three area lights.

“The electrical plans are done, but we found out in the process that Fremont Park is on school property,” he said. “There is a joint use agreement that dates back to the mid-1970’s, so we asked the school district if we can get the joint use agreement updated so we can proceed with the lights in that park. I think the cost is $500-$600 dollars a year, so not very much.”

Hearne thanked Jordan for his input.

“We can probably continue this (discussion) at the next meeting,” he said.