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City Manager Alex Nguyen (Courtesy photo)
Thursday, September 10, 2020

By Chris Frost




Oxnard-- It was a busy report delivered by Oxnard City Manager Alex Nguyen, Sept. 1, as he reminded the audience that we are still "in the throws" of a pandemic affecting everyone.


After six months, he reminded everyone to wear a face covering, wash your hands, stay six-feet apart, and stay socially distant. Although these guidelines may be second nature, they remain crucial to being safe and Covid-19 free.


"The governor recently signed an extension to prevent people from residential evictions until January," Nguyen said.  "There are specific rules involved, and all the information is on the city and the county's website. Unfortunately, the state has not acted to extend the moratorium on commercial evictions, but I understand that people are working on it."


The county, through the State of California, received grant money for rental and business assistance. The county has allocated $11.4 million for resident rental assistance, and they received 1,690 applications.


"The good news is that 32 percent of those grants were provided for residents of Oxnard," he said. "On the business side, the county allocated $23.9 million in grant funding for businesses and 621 Oxnard businesses received grants awarded by the county. The businesses also received the $5,000 coming this month. Also, they are setting up funds to work with farmworker households. There is rent assistance available there."


That information is on Ventura County's website, and if you need help, contact the City of Oxnard.


Nguyen reminded everyone to respond to the census, which happens once a decade. The deadline is September 30.


"We have 20 days left," he said. "As you can see, unfortunately, we have communities in the county that are the hardest to count. We have almost the lowest response rate of all the cities in the county. Please respond to the census. It takes 10 minutes, at most 20 minutes, and it's very safe and secure. Once the census is counted, certified, and done, this is how most of the federal funding formulas are factored into how much federal money comes to Ventura County and trickles down to the City of Oxnard for all the programs we need. Especially public health and education programs. These are the dollars that provide the safety nets that people in our community depend on on a regular basis, but also during the crisis moments that we're going through with this pandemic."